11 Interior Design Tips And Tricks For Small Homes

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You don’t have to have a huge floor area just to create a functional and beautiful residential space. Even if you have a small home, interior designers Edinburgh agree that you can use interior design hacks to make the most of the space that you have.

Here are 11 interior design tips and tricks everyone living in a small home should know.

Be smart with your colour choice. Your colour scheme can do magic if you especially have a small space, to begin with. If you want to keep your tiny home airy, the key is using neutral colours. Keeping your palette uniform across your whole home is also recommended.

Face your living area towards the window. This is the go-to trick of many interior designers Edinburgh. If you do this, it will give the illusion that the outdoors are an extension of your limited indoor space.

Mirrors are your best friend. Another hack to change the perception of your home’s small size is the use of mirrors. Whether you’re placing them to cover nearly an entire wall or just a portion of it, it can already trick the eyes and make it appear as if you have widened your space.

Invest in multi-functional pieces. Seats that double as storage solutions. Desks that can be folded. These are just some items that you can invest in to maximise your small home.

Maximise your vertical space. Hanging cabinets and floating shelves are a staple in small homes for a reason. They provide additional storage without taking up a portion of the floor area. To keep things still efficient and functional, only put less-frequently used items in these storage spaces.

Hang your curtains high. If mirrors can extend your space, curtains hung high can make your ceiling appear higher. If you want to broaden your window, you can also about 10 centimetres to the width of your curtain. Just make sure that you go for light-hued and translucent curtains to let natural light flow into your room.

Go for a larger rug. Rugs and carpets can help protect your flooring while adding insulation for your feet. If you are to put one in a small room, the trick is to go for a larger one. If you place a small-sized rug, it will emphasise the tininess of your room.

Scale matters. When interior-designing a small home, you have to pay attention to how you put your elements together. You should select and arrange your furniture, fixtures, and decorations in such a way that they will work well with one another. For example, a huge bedside lamp won’t look great if you have a thin side table.

Don’t be afraid to add a statement piece. Even if you have a small home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have statement pieces in your space. In fact, interior designers would prefer one bold statement mirror, for instance, over small wall art pieces (which can make your room look cluttered).

Make sure your space is well-lit. Especially if you’ve got a small home, you have to pay special attention to your space’s lighting design. Apart from letting natural light in, you also have to place lighting fixtures in strategic spaces. These include the spaces atop and under your cabinets.

Personal touch makes any space better. Interior designers Edinburgh are all for personal touches. They can find clever ways to incorporate that antique console you inherited from your grandma or your favourite photo displays — all in the name of making your small home more unique and special to you.

If you want a home interior that’s both pleasing to the eye and highly functional, our team at Remus can help. Contact us today and learn how our interior designers Edinburgh can turn your vision into reality.

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