5 Cost-Effective Uses of Decorative Laminates to Modernize and Beautify Your Home


Beautifying your home is giving life to those dreams of staying in an elegant and cosy living space that you’ve always had. Moreover, there’s nothing more enjoyable than living in a home that is comfortable and attractive to you and your family. You would want all rooms to seem welcoming to the incomer. In such scenarios, it’s essential to be careful about the design and components to be used to actualise your dream home. This is where laminate sheets come in to recreate your dream, in reality, that too is on a reasonable budget. 

Laminates are one of the commonly used surfacing materials on tabletops, kitchen cabinets, and wooden furniture. Besides, they are more preferred these days as they also protect the material where it is installed besides enhancing the beauty of the furniture elements. Furthermore, high-pressure laminates (HPL) are available in a wide range of stunning colours, designs, and textures that bring grace to home décor.  

Known to mimic expensive materials like marble, or wood, decorative laminates come at a reasonable price than other surfacing solutions. Also, in the case of durability, laminates score higher points than most other surfacing alternatives. In addition, manufacturers introducing eye-catching designs with the improvement of technology has expanded the utility of decorative laminates than its conventional applications. Whether you’re a new homeowner or thinking about redesigning your home décor, it would be wise to take the best advantage of laminates to transform your décor ideas into reality. 

 Why should you create a feature wall?

You might feel tempted towards expensive materials and unrealistic wallpaper designs, yet laminates have always proven to be the ideal solution when the intent is to create lifelike textures on a wall. The best example, in that case, would be wood. Decorative laminate sheets can replicate various wooden textures down to the colour and grain. It is advisable to pick a medium-tone wood laminate for creating a rustic wall or consider a whitewashed wood laminate for creating a cottage-like theme. 

One can easily bring out the beauty of a dining or living room by considering laminates as a feature wall. The other places where laminates as a feature wall would blend in perfectly are the entrance of the home, besides your dining table, on the backside of the TV console, and so on.  At the same time, putting in a splash of texture and colour will add to the character and warmth of the home decoration. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to double up as both an accent wall and a headboard. 

Like as told before, laminate designs are an affordable solution than real wood plus they are easy to install and replace simultaneously. Besides, most laminates are known for their scratch, moisture, and mould resistant qualities that offer protection to the furniture pieces. 

Spice it up by mixing and matching

Mixing and matching various tones and colours of laminates is an ideal way to spice things up in interior decoration. Even though wooden and fancy textured laminates are dominating the trend, it would be unwise to underestimate the capability of solid coloured laminates. Blending different laminate colours geometrically and mixing and matching them according to your desires is the perfect way to create striking designs. 

Mixing and matching with high-pressure laminate in home décor offers endless creative possibilities to liven up a living space. Moreover, there are no hard and fast rules to remain limited to certain colours. You can let your imagination run wild by contrasting colours and textures to create a fascinating world of interior decoration at your home. Goes without saying that similar effects can be achieved with paint at the same time, but laminates offer a smoother finish that is quite expensive in the case of paint. Also, laminates offer a bolder visual appeal when combined with stone or metallic-inspired prints. Also, they have scratch-resistant qualities, something that is not available with paints. 

Enhance the inner beauty of your living space

One of the most neglected areas when it comes to home décor is the insides of a bookcase, wall enclaves, and similar spaces that are generally covered up. Some have no idea what to do with it, while others intentionally choose to overlook those areas as they don’t attract much attention. However, focussing on the little details always enhances the subtle beauties in a home. If you’re looking for wise interior décor advice, those spaces score high on aesthetic and creative aspects. The best thing to do would be to cover them with matte finish laminates so that it makes the surrounding wall pop up. 

To sum up, laminates offer a plethora of choices when it comes to interior decoration. However, it is advisable to buy Royale Touche laminates as they are the best laminate brand in India. Finally, design is just a technical word and only refers to the quality of the visual appeal, but when you dig deeper, it’s mostly about how you feel around them in daily life. So, choose your laminate design wisely.

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