5 Essential Tools & Apps for Hosting Reseller Business

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Tools & apps for hosting reseller – In reseller hosting, a hosting provider company or startup rent the servers from a parent host (a huge and reputed web hosting company). In return, pay a fixed fee to the original host to get these resources in bulk. However, after purchasing, the reseller host can sell the hosting services in its brand name and create a client base of its own.

That means the original host has a wholesome responsibility to manage its reseller hosting to the individuals who fancy being independent cheap Linux reseller hosting providers. So not only the parent companies yet the hosting buyer companies also need the same regardless of the scenario that their customers are ordinary hosting users. That being said, some tools & apps for hosting reseller business can help ease all the burdensome work.

So let’s explore them and have a better understanding. 

Control Panel 

First of all, you need a control panel. Wondering why? A Control panel is a web panel that eases the access and management of the hosting environment; servers. We mean customers’ addition, elimination, resource allocation, upgradation to discounts, and more by this management. So you can regard it as an essential tool for Reseller Hosting.

Therefore, many web hosting companies are already using them and also provide them in the hosting plans to the users—for example, best Linux reseller hosting with cPanel, windows servers with Plesk.

That being said, you will come across plenty of control panels, and you can choose any of them. Still and all, naming a few, will be cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, WebAdmin, etc. However, remember, only one thing you need to consider is that cPanel works for Windows only while Plesk is workable for both Windows and Linux operating systems. So, all in all, get the right tools & apps for hosting reseller business and become successful resellers.

Custom-made Plans Creator App

Secondly, a reseller’s critical tool is the plan builder personalized to you and your client’s preferences. In simple words, hosting requirement is different for blogging websites, ecommerce store, landing pages, magazine, and portfolio websites.

So, whenever you are offering the hosting plan, it must meet the requirement of the specified niche. For instance, you should have plans with adequate bandwidth, storage, flexibility, on-demand scalability, control panel inclusion/ exclusion, backup, free features, and so forth.

However, how to create such plans is the actual demanding thing. So that means you need a hosting plan builder application, more precisely, an automatic plan creator. As a result, this tool will pave your way to develop a client base with hosting plans customized for them completely.

Customer Billing and Task Automation Tool

Reseller hosting eliminates the headaches of server backend, management, and others, though. However, many other tasks need your attention yet can be handled with tools & apps for hosting reseller business. 

For example, manual customer billing will not only consume a great deal of time but can also be error-prone. So if you have to deal with a large number of customers, you can imagine how incontinent billing can be. Only a billing software like WHMCS can resolve this issue of billing cycles, invoices, incoming payments, completed, pending or discounted, etc.

So you must give it a go. Also, you can get viable tools (freebie or paid) to automate, for instance, account & database management, emails, spam, site statistic.

Security Solutions 

Although reseller hosts strive their best in terms of security measures, nothing can be enough when it comes to security. So you should definitely try to enhance the safety of your servers and your customers’ websites with traditional and cloud-based security applications. 

For instance, antivirus – malware scanners/ removal/ protection tools and other cyber-protection-related tools, integrate for you and also for your users.

Customer Support Services Tools 

For hosting industry users, customer services availability is indispensable. So whether you are a reseller hosting provider or reseller hosting buyer, you need to be at the users’ disposal whenever your clients need you. Common channels include live chat, phone, email, ticketing, etc.

So, install and integrate, for instance, chat plugins, email filters, Automator, etc., to easily and quickly communicate with your users that aren’t tech and hosting savvy.

NavicoSoft provides cheap Linux reseller hosting services for all niche independent hosting startups. You can expect the customization of plans and execution of white label rules at best. In addition, maximum security, Anti-DDoS protection, maximum uptime, and complete control of the servers are ensured. Get the best Linux reseller hosting and tools & apps for hosting reseller business and streamline your revenue.

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