5 Mistakes to Avoid While Start Blogging

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Starting Blogging

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Start Blogging

In my recent seminar on “technology and the role of blogging in technology,” the participants asked me a common question, “what mistakes do we need to avoid while starting blogging.” For that moment, I cleared their ambiguity but then decided to compile an article on “5 mistakes to avoid while starting blogging.”

Blogging has gained popularity in every corner of the world. Still, a huge chunk of the bloggers failed to succeed in the field. The reasons behind their failure are immense as they constantly repeat what they did in the past. Here are some of the things that you need to follow before starting blogging. Also, here are the 5 mistakes you need to avoid while starting the best blog in any niche such as fashion, tech news blog or anything else you like to write about.

1) Avoid ideas that only interest you:

The first mistake bloggers make is they write on ideas that only interest them. So, you need to avoid this practice and consider the interest of your audience. Let’s suppose you are keen to write about the gym and exercise. That’s good and relevant for a particular period, but people get bored by constantly seeing about an everyday thing. In this regard, you need to understand the listeners’ interests and not focus on your personal preferences.

2) Don’t write too stiff:

If there is no resilience in your blog, it means you are just writing a blog for the blog’s sake. There is no gain in writing too stiff. If the readers can read your blog until the end, there is no resilience or elasticity in your blog. The question is how to engage the audience in your blog to read it until the end. Well, for that purpose, you need to avoid complex things in your blog and bring the flow into your words. The most flow is in your article, and the more people will take an interest in it.

3) Avoid your personal stories in the blog:

It is a misconception that people love the writer’s stories. The reality is people visit your blog for their own interest. When you indulge them in your personal stories, they quit. It resulted in less traffic towards your future blogs because you have made a reputation in the market as a “boost and brag” remember one thing “self-praise is not a recommendation.” So instead of telling them about your personality, please show them your personality through your solid content.

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4) Refrain from straying away from the point:

We often note that many bloggers digress from the main topic and engage the readers in anecdotes. That resulted in losing a significant share of the readers. So, all you need to do is stick to the main point and don’t wander here and there. For example, suppose you want to compile an article on rapid recovery from a hamstring injury. In that case, you don’t need to share a wordy story on how you faced injury and in how much pain you were—that protracted story and way of writing a blog bounce back the readers from your page. However, the best thing you need to do is to share the basic tips through which one can start their journey towards recovery from an injury.

5) Avoid boring topics:

The last of the 5 mistakes to avoid while starting blogging is boring topics. Have you heard about boring topics? These are the topics constantly shared by every blogger. For example, if you open your browsing page like chrome and enter about the best business practices, hundreds of blogs will appear in the search history. The reason is people have heard much about it. And with the passage of time, people get bored. Therefore, you must bring clarity and sophistication to your topics.

Final words:

Blogging has so much to offer, but people can’t utilize it to the fullest extent. If you avoid the 5 mistakes, you will successfully start your blogging venture.

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