Top 5 Restaurant in Lahore to try Grilled fish

Grilled fish

Are you on a diet? And best grilled fish in Lahore is what you are searching for? Hold on! Because we’ve got you. Just grab your mobile phone and type Grilled fish near me, sizzling hot fish will be there at your doorstep. Fish, who wouldn’t love the idea of eating it, when it comes to healthy food. 

As we all know, fish is a very nutritious food that is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are necessary for optimal health. Vitamins A, D, and E are abundant, as they are high in vital omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the human brain, eye, and nerve development.

Lahore is known as the food hub of Pakistan. The city features one of the top grilled fish restaurants tucked away across. We have compiled a list of the top 5 locations in Lahore that serve inexpensive, and appetizing grilled fish to try.

Arcadian Café 

Grilled fish and Arcadian café are just a perfect match. If you want a rich, delightful, pleasant, and tasty seafood experience for your family. Then Arcadian Cafe is surly, a place to visit. If you’re having a scheduled supper, you may use the phone number to make a reservation, since they offer that service as well. Although Arcadian Café’s rates are a little more, the cuisine and services they provide will undoubtedly please you, and you will never regret spending a little more for this fantastic seafood experience.

Babu Fish Corner 

Babu fish Corner will just make you fall in love with their grilled fish series. This is a location where you can have delicious Indian seafood at a low price. Fish curry, fish tikka, and fish fry are on the menu. Their signature dish is fish tikka tandoori, which has a delicate but crispy texture. If you enjoy seafood, this restaurant is strongly advised you to try this meal.

Haji Sardar Fish 

Haji-Sardar Fish delivers the greatest desi grilled fish in town at a fair price, if you want to try some traditional desi seafood. On their menu, you can get every type of Indian seafood. You will experience mind-blowing, spicy, and well-cooked meals ranging from fish Sajji to Twa fried Rahoo and Balm. The most popular meal on their menu is their famous Tawa Fry fish. 

Bamboo Union 

Want to taste the best grilled fish in Lahore? Calm down! Because Bamboo Union is just around the corner. Type Grilled fish near me and the restaurant will appear just there at the top. Bamboo Union, which serves mouthwatering grilled fish, has been voted the best seafood restaurant in Lahore.

A wide range of Asian cuisines are accessible, the restaurant is an excellent place to go if you’re seeking for grilled seafood. Bamboo Union specializes in a range of dishes and serves wonderful dinners of the highest quality to its loyal customers.

Front View Restaurant

This restaurant, as the name implies, offers a diverse range of Grilled food along with views. The Badshahi Mosque can be seen from one side, while the historic Lahore Fort can be seen from the other. On the third side, you can see Old Lahore City.

They give hotel accommodations on the ground floor, while the rooftop serves as a restaurant with breathtaking views. When it comes to grilled fish, they serve traditional Lahori meals as well as desi cuisine. If you go to this restaurant, be sure to get the “Tawa Takka Tak,” which is a specialty dish. 

If you are in Lahore and want to enjoy some excellent seafood during the winter, above restaurants will help you do that. These are the best grilled fish places in the city that can provide you with a broad range of seafood.

Bamboo Union remains number one among all of them as they are Pakistan’s first Pan Asian restaurants.  If you haven’t yet got the best grilled fish in Lahore, just type Grilled Fish near me and Bamboo union will be at the top. What are waiting for order now. 

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