5 Telltale Signs a Toddler Is Not Eating Right

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Healthy toddlers with a flush of red in the cheeks are a pleasure to look at. There goes a lot of effort and sleepless nights into a healthy, happy and safe toddler. One of the most important aspects of the upbringing of a toddler is balanced nutrition. Toddler years are one of the most important years of any human life. This is the time when children grow exponentially, especially the brain. Brain development happens at an enormous rate up to the age of five, hence the fulfilment of the right kind of nutritional requirements in the right quantity is absolutely necessary. 

Malnutrition is detrimental to the immune system and can cause a lot of lifelong issues for the kids. It is not always to be perfect parents but consistent efforts and habits do pay in the long run. Here is a list of the warning signs of a child that a child is not getting the right kind of nutrition.

  • The Height and the Weight Conformance

Physical human attributes are majorly governed by the genetics of the parents. Although the dominant genes are expressed in the offspring born, the later development is largely governed by the kind of nutrition and eating habits of the babies and toddlers. It should be noted that babies grow to double their birth size in the first years of their life for which a balanced diet and nutrition is absolutely essential. A child losing weight instead of gaining weight and not growing tall enough is a major red flag that screams that they are not eating right. The absence of a balanced, nutritious diet has lifelong repercussions.

  • Frequent Visits to the Doctor

Getting frequently sick more than other children of the same age is a sign that the child is getting exposed to a lot of germs but their body is not able to combat the attacks. This is a major sign of an ailing immune system that is a direct consequence of malnutrition. Child nutritionists in London believe that a malnourished child has a compromised immune system and this is manifested through frequent infections and delayed healing. The immune systems of children under five years are the most rapidly developing systems which is majorly dependent on the richness of nutrition that is provided to them.

  • Not Wanting to Eat or Not Eating Normally

If a child is not eating properly it means they have less hunger because of some issues. In such a case consult a doctor to investigate the problem with the child. It such a reaction persists for long the child is bound to be behind as far as nutrition is concerned.

  • Very Less Activity

An active child is a normal child, but if a child’s activity level is not at the same level as it was or is sleeping more than usual, an investigation needs to be done. A less active child means something is wrong with them and it usually comes down to deficiency of some basic elements.

  • Dental Issues

Some signs can easily be ignored by parents like the cracks in the corner of the mouth or bleeding gums and frequent bruising. These are definite sign of a problem with the nutritional consumption of the child. At such a young age the children are prone to deficiencies of vitamin B, C and D and hence should be regularly monitored.

Eating right is the process of eating the right kind of food and not a lot of food. It is all about consuming balanced nutrients in the right amounts, especially in the early years to have the perfect start to a healthy life. Childhood obesity is a scenario in which a lot of nutrients are consumed unnecessarily. Balanced nutrition is always the keyword for a healthy life. 

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