6 Air Conditioning Repair You Can DIY With Ease

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Air conditioning is a necessity today, and repairs on it are almost always unavoidable. What can be avoidable are expensive repairs or wasting the repair technician’s time on performing procedures you can do by yourself. This includes doing preliminary checks and a basic level of patch-up before the technician arrives so that you can quicken the repair process. On the other hand, doing the preliminary repair yourself allows you to see if the problem is big enough for professional assistance.

So here are six DIY repair checks you can do in case your unit is not working properly. 

1. Inspect the breaker

More often than not, if your air conditioning unit is not turning on, the breaker has tripped. This is a common thing to happen if you have multiple appliances or power points connected to a single breaker, which can cause tripping when all these points are in use. Therefore, taking a look at the breaker can help avoid embarrassment when a professional comes in to repair it only to find a tripped breaker.

2. Check the thermostat

Thermostat settings can affect the cooling you get from your air conditioning unit. Since these run on batteries, this part of the unit can stop working because the batteries are dead. Sometimes, the settings may also have been changed accidentally, causing lower cooling. Therefore, it is always smart to check the thermostat’s settings and batteries if you face any issues with your AC unit.

3. Replace the filter

AC filters are notorious for getting clogged, especially if you don’t clean them regularly. When clogged and dirty, filters can reduce the cooling efficiency of your unit, leading you to believe there is something wrong with the system. Therefore, make sure to check the filter and clean it if needed. Better yet, keep it cleaned regularly to prevent having to do this check. 

4. Melt the ice

Like any refrigerant or cooling device, your AC unit can have ice buildup over time with regular use. This clogged ice can reduce the cooling efficiency of your device, leading to a similar effect as a clogged filter. A quick solution for this is melting the ice. You can do this simply by turning off the system and turning on the fan to quickly melt the ice.

5. Clean the system

Sometimes, your unit does not need a professional to come and fix it; instead, it just needs to be cleaned thoroughly. As mentioned in point 3, clogged AC units can affect the cooling efficiency. Therefore, among the first things to do when dealing with a faulty air conditioning system includes cleaning the system. In fact, it is always better to keep the unit cleaned regularly so you can skip this step at a crucial moment.

6. Check the ducts

Lastly, if you are comfortable enough, climb into the attic and get into those ducts. Sometimes, the ducts that are supposed to circulate the air into your house from the AC unit get blocked with dirt and debris due to irregular cleaning. Therefore, it is always advised to do a cursory check of the duct and clean them if needed before calling in the technicians.


Air conditioning repairs can be simple or even complicated, depending on the issue. More often than not, the problem could be as benign as dead batteries of a thermostat or a dirty system. Therefore, it is always better to do preliminary repairs by yourself before calling in the professionals. That said, call in the technician if any of the six DIY remedies don’t solve the issue.

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