7 Carpet Cleaning Tips That Professionals Follow

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Your lovely carpets are continually exposed to various natural elements which lead to their wear and tear. Some of these elements include your pet’s paws, urine, feces, spilled drinks, furniture feet, dust, and shoes. If you want to keep your carpet’s lavish looks through time, then you need to know the best carpet cleaning tips.

Never fret, because we are sharing in this read the seven practical life hacks when you are cleaning or washing your carpets. Enjoy reading!

Why Is It Beneficial To Keep Your Carpets Clean?

When you leave your carpets all soiled up for a week, molds and dust mites grow underneath them. Then, it produces a disturbing foul and pungent smell that pollutes the air inside your home. We don’t want your family members and guests to get sick, right?

Check out the best benefits when you periodically spring or deep clean your carpets.

  • A Healthier and Fresher Indoor Air

If you want to avoid airborne diseases, then you need to make sure all those fabrics which absorb dirt and stains are thoroughly periodically washed. Sadly, your charming carpets is one of those fabrics, which you need to sanitize and vacuum every day.

Nevertheless, you can hire professional carpet cleaning services to deep clean your wall-to-wall and stairway carpets once or twice a year.

  • Prolongs the Life of Your Carpets

On average, your carpet’s life is around five to ten years under the natural wear and tear process. However, by properly washing and maintaining it, you can efficiently extend its useful life to around 15 to 20 years.

As one of the leading local carpet cleaners, we trained our personnel in the best practices of washing, repairing, and removing stains and foul odor from your carpets. To avoid ruining fabric construction and discoloration, we only use natural and EPA-approved solutions.

  • Efficient Management of Time, Money, and Effort

The usual time for washing and drying your carpets can take around 12 to 24 hours. If you are a busy person, then letting a professional do it for you is a wise choice. With that, you have more disposable time for work or business.

1) Prioritize Your High-Traffic Areas

The carpets in your living room and hallways are the ones with the most dust and dirt since it’s also where foot traffic is high. With that, you need to pay more attention to that kind of area, especially when you have a carpeted floor in there.

Meanwhile, our carpet cleaning process is your best solution for your heavily soiled carpets. No stubborn stains, pet accidents, and hairs can withstand the robust action of a counter rotary brush and pressurized hot water.

2) Place A Shoe Rack Near Your Entry Doors

One of the typical elements contaminating your carpets is the dust and dirt from your shoes and boots. Consequently, your best action for this is placing a shoe rack near your entry door, so your guests and family will just place their footwear in there.

3) Put A Place Mat Outside Your Entry Doors

Another complementary item you can place near your entry door, that can help remove excess soils and mud on your shoes’ rubber outsole is a placemat. This practical tip won’t lift your carpet cleaning in Geelong, plus it’s pretty cheap to buy one in stores.

4) Quickly Address Loose Snags and Ends of Your Carpets

Your carpets can have small holes due to your pet’s claws or the foot of your furniture and table. When this happens, you need to quickly repair it before washing, to avoid making the hole bigger.

Besides that, there will also be instances where your carpet edges are loose, and letting it stay that way when washing it can lead to fabric destruction. Your best action will be securing those loose edges before deep cleaning your carpets.

5) Practice Rotating Your Furniture

Remember that your furniture’s foot is slightly pointed and keeping their placement inside your house can pierce through the same spot on your carpet. To avoid this problem, you need to change the arrangement of your sofas, ottomans, chairs, and tables every six months or quarters.

6) Use of Proper Carpet Cleaning Tools

If you plan on purchasing or renting a carpet cleaning machine, be sure you have sufficient knowledge and skills on the types and how to properly use them.

For instance, you can use counter-rotating brushes when vacuuming low-pile carpets, whereas, it’s not feasible for loop-pile carpets. Likewise, you can also use wet/dry vacuums for the daily cleaning of your carpets.

Meanwhile, we also have other types of equipment for our carpet cleanings such as truck mounts, stackable air movers, dehumidifiers, and UV lamps. Our housemaids have undergone intense training so that they know how to properly use these powerful carpet cleaning equipment.

7) Blot Spills Right Away

Similar to soils and dust from your shoe spill from your drinks are also another common pollutant to your carpets. When there are spills on your carpets, never rub them off, instead, blot them with a paper towel or clean cloth.

With that, the spilt drink is absorbed by the paper towel and it doesn’t penetrate through the bottom. Likewise, there are other kitchen ingredients you can use for spotting stains such as vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

Nonetheless, for a secure way of removing those carpet stains, hire a professional cleaner to do it. They have the experience and training to effectively handle these concerns.

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