7 Tips for using your Whirlpool washing machine efficiently to save money on electricity

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Every home apparatus requires a large amount of electricity for its operation. The efficiency of any appliance is dependent on how well you use it, and over and inefficient use of any appliance compounds the electricity costs. 

Washing machines require a large amount of electricity for doing your laundry. Just buying a five-star rated washer is not enough to save energy, but its correct use would surely make an impact. When you efficiently use your advanced washing machine, only then can you lower your electricity bills?

Most Whirlpool washing machines come with a 5-star rating that assists you in saving water and energy. Whirlpool washing machines have an in-built heater that heats water in three different modes, quickly removing stains and germs from your clothes. 

These models wash your clothes rapidly and come equipped with many features to save energy. Thanks to 6th Sense technology, your clothes are treated with extreme care, keeping them soft while the machine consumes less energy.

Whirlpool washers are fitted with special sensors that evaluate the laundry load and then adjust the water level and energy requirement automatically in just 10 seconds. This feature helps to ensure the best cleansing results and, in turn, saves time and energy. 

These washing machines have advanced power-saving features to suit large laundry loads so that you can wash more clothes in a single wash cycle.

Most Whirlpool washing machines feature A+++ energy efficiency features which help you significantly save on your electricity bills and ultimately protect the environment. You can achieve up to 80% energy savings compared to washers from other brands.

7 Tips to Use a Whirlpool washing machine efficiently

1. Wash using cold water  

Today, washing machines come with hot water features for rigorous cleaning action on different types of clothes. For your daily laundry with fewer stains, you should not use the hot water feature as it would shoot up your power consumption. Whirlpool washing machines generally consume around 0.21 kWh to 1 kWh of energy if water is at 30 or 40 degrees. 

Still, this power consumption can shoot up to 2.30 kWh if the temperature is increased to 95 degrees. This shows almost 1.5 times additional energy consumption than washing using cold water. Hence, the use of cold water for your regular wash is highly recommended.

2. Reduce multiple washing cycles

The best practice is to wait and collect enough clothes that would fully load your washing machine. This simple practice would reduce the number of washing cycles which in turn saves electricity. 

Ideally, in a small family with basic washing needs, you should go for laundry twice or thrice a week. Do remember your washing machine uses almost the same amount of energy no matter the number of clothes added, so you should try to fill it up during each wash cycle.

3. Pre-soak clothes with stains – If you find tough stains on the clothes, you should soak them in water for half an hour before placing them in the washing machine. You can use some stain removing chemicals to remove the stains before putting them in the machine. Pre-soaking will clean your clothes better and reduce the number of times the washing machine is used.

4. Choose an eco-friendly washing machine

Whirlpool washing machines come marked with a 5-star BEE rating. The energy ratings tell you everything you need to know about the energy efficiency of the device. 

Green energy-saving features differentiate eco-friendly washing machines from other energy-intensive models. Apart from offering better washing performance, Whirlpool washers require less water and energy, and they undergo fewer repairs throughout their lifecycle.

5. Use good quality detergents

A top load washer requires different detergents when compared to a front load washer. If your detergent forms too much lather, then your washing machine needs to rinse the clothes many times which wastes water and electricity. You should always check your washing machine manual to know about the best-suited detergent as per your model and use the same while doing the laundry.

6. Switch off the power supply when the washing machine is not in use

We have the habit of loading clothes in the washing machine, getting involved in some other work and then coming after two or three hours to switch off the machine. Despite washing machines having automatic ON/OFF features, they still use some electricity as they are in standby mode. You should ensure to turn off your washing machine when it’s not in use.

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7. Choose a washing machine with different washing modes

The latest washing machines have many different washing modes. These washing modes are provided based on the type of fabric but most of us use the same washing function daily to clean all types of clothes. After the winter season is over and you want to clean all your woolens and pack them for next winter, you should use the woolen washing mode to wash your clothes. These washing modes provide you with enhanced cleaning and reduced power consumption.

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