A Religion Against Racism- Islam

A Religion Against Racism- Islam

A Religion Against Racism- Islam

Islam a religion full of love and compassion and against racism for every creator of Allah SWT. It is a universal religion with some basic principles. All principles were the common practice and teachings of every prophet- From Hazrat Adam A.S to Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.

The first teaching of every prophet was the oneness of God. After that kindness, love, sympathy, generosity, and equality among the people were their common teachings. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW came with the same basic teachings and some new teachings but for the whole of humankind. When Hazrat Muhammad SAW announced his prophethood to the people of Makkah, he not only gave the teachings of the oneness of Allah but also preached that all humans are equal. No one is superior to another.

The first cornerstone fixed by Hazrat Muhammad SAW was to believe in one Allah and do good to others. So, Islam, from the first day is against racism.

In today’s world, there is inequality and injustice all over the world. Racism is at its peak, and the whole world doesn’t know how to tackle this unwanted situation. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to let the world know how Prophet Muhammad vanished racism from the Arab world; at a time when ignorance was at its peak. Let’s figure out how Allah SWT and His beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW guide the world about racism.

Racism rebuked in Quran:

Allah SWT in Quran has bluntly rebuked racism. Whenever someone reads Quran, they can find out how Allah SWT has explained the issue of racism and equality in the Quran. In Quran, chapter no.43, verse no.13, Allah stated; “o mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you”.

The mentioned ayat of the Holy Quran clearly identified the nobility of humans. The nobility depends on the person’s moral and ethical values. Not on his color, origin, and financial state. So, the dearest to Allah is the one who does good for the sake of Allah and is kind to humankind.

Racism condemned by holy Prophet Muhammad SAW:

The whole life of the Holy Prophet SAW is a testimonial of one thing he always condemned the cruel racism of the Arab people. Even in his last year of life while addressing the people at hajj, he said, “ A white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white except by piety and good action”.

In another Hadith Qudsi about the injustice and inequality, he quoted, “O My servants, I have forbidden injustice upon Myself and have made it forbidden among you, so do not commit injustice”’

In the above Ahadaiths, we can see how Hazrat Muhammad SAW prohibited others from doing injustice and racism to the inferior people. That was the reason why people changed their behavior towards others and they left ignorance.


Racism is a curse and it is the need of the hour to say goodbye to it. We know how crucial is it for us to dismantle racism from our society. It is deeply rooted in the capitalist mindset. That’s why with all the rhetoric, we can’t stop racism. But there is a sigh of relief for us. If we follow the orders of Allah and follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet SAW, we can surely wash out racism from our society. It will lead us to the happiness and prosperity of the whole of humankind. May Allah Almighty grant us peace in this world and in the world hereafter.

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