What are the environmental advantages of Kraft boxes wholesale?

kraft boxes wholesale

If you are in the manufacturing business, then you must know the importance of packaging. Board and paper material boxes are the most widely used boxes for packing goods. But, you do not know the environmental benefits of Kraft and cardboard material. To wipe off all your concerns about packaging material, its uses, and its advantages on the earth, we are here. Often the manufacturers find the problem of selecting the best material to pack their goods. However, the thickness, application, and construction of Kraft boxes wholesale vary from product to product. If the product is delicate, then it needs extra strength from the boxes. Otherwise, light sheet boxes are enough to pack solid goods.

Although, the idea behind writing environmental advantages of custom Kraft boxes is that we seldom use these boxes in our daily life. But we never focus on the adverse consequences of material on land. Now as global warming is increasing, we must shift our preferences to high-quality sustainable material. Which not only provides strength to our packaging but also saves the land.

In what ways, we use Kraft material?

For a long time, people have been using kraft material as packaging material. The goods look more appealing in these boxes. it is because they give room for customization. Still, now this material has relevancy in the packaging industry.  In many areas of the industry, this material is used to make life easier. Also, it increases the shelf life of the items packed in. As Kraft material is itself sturdy, so its by-products have also been manufactured from single sheets such as

  • Sacks
  • Cartons
  • Inserts
  • Folding cartons
  • Bags
  • Sheets
  • Trays
  • Milk & juice cartons
  • Labels
  • Boxes
  • Fertilizers bags
  • Envelopes and cards
  • Jewelry and bakery items

What are the uses of Kraft boxes?

The grades of Kraft materials include unbleached and bleached white, natural brown, and heavy-duty white. The material is strong, sometimes opaque or translucent. In addition, depending on the grade and thickness, it might be flexible or rigid. The most common use of Kraft is in Kraft boxes, it is because the paper density lies from 0.6-0.8 g/ g/cm3. In its uncoated form, it is sensitive to moisture and has limited gas barrier properties.

Further Kraft boxes are used as a barrier layer that prevents the inside product from the external environment. Also, it is a barrier with the direct contact of another packed item. The custom Kraft boxes keep one item separate from the other.

kraft boxes wholesale

In damp applications, agents have the option to add tear resistance. Likewise, the liquid and gas barrier properties of Kraft Paper improved with sheets of resin, wax, and polymers such as polyethylene or aluminum foil. However, you will be intrigued to know in which industries custom packaging boxes have required. Here are some of them:

  • Industry of pharmaceutical
  • Beverages and food industry
  • Appliances and the electronics industry
  • Mobile and automotive industry
  • Personal care and home accessories industry
  • Construction and building industry
  • Aerospace and aircraft industry

Positive effects of Kraft boxes on environment

One of the major reasons behind the excessive demand for Kraft boxes wholesale is that they have a sustainable nature. The manufacturing process is also convenient for producing bulk boxes. However, the sales of such boxes are relatively more than any other material box. In addition, the world is still struggling with the best material for packaging. Likewise, the end-users are worried about the packaging material and they are expecting the companies to take their part in environment-friendly boxes.

Further, there are many positive effects of packaging material on earth. It not only reduces global warming but also benefits in the following ways:

  • Free from any odor
  • Decrease pollution
  • Manufactured from pure compost material
  • Do not spread toxicity
  • Environmental protection with a low carbon footprint.

Thus, Kraft paper packaging has been approved by the National Protection Agency. Kraft paper is also one of the many eco-friendly materials included on the FDA-approved list of packaging materials for protection against gamma radiation.

Benefits of custom Kraft boxes wholesale in packaging

You must be aware of the fact that material which can easily decompose is the best. However, despite Kraft material having super strength, it can decompose in a few weeks. Even it did not leave any residue after decomposing. Which is the top benefit of using it in packaging. Those boxes which have the symbol of recyclable have more sales than any other box. In addition, the boxes become more durable when Kraft paper becomes thick. Somehow the packaging boxes of Kraft are resistant because of the several layers of Kraft paper. Additionally, the polyethylene (PE) coating process protects Kraft paper from external contaminants such as germs, oil, moisture, and heat. However, a disadvantage is that this method reduces the number of recycling options available. The lining of Kraft packaging boxes, on the other hand, is waterproof and provides greater recyclability.

As most of the studies concluded that packaging has a positive effect on consumers’ mindset and environment. The buyer is convinced to use those goods which have nice and environment-friendly packaging.

Conclusion & suggestion

In this context, we have discussed the importance of Kraft packaging in the context of the environment. The Kraft boxes wholesale are highly decomposable and low on budget. The customers prefer to purchase goods in sturdy boxes. Which can bear the weight of the goods as well. However, packaging can be an effective marketing tool for the business. They can print any sort of information, logo to make it more appealing.

Thus, it is our responsibility to keep our land clean. Already plastic packaging has done a lot of destruction so it is high time to shift towards decomposable and recyclable packaging. Now customers also appreciate brands that use good quality sustainable packaging. Therefore, it is our moral duty to use eco-friendly boxes for packing goods.

We hope to provide informative content on this website. If you liked reading this content then do not forget to implement ideas in packing any sort of good.

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