Alcohol And Hemorrhoids

Alcohol And Hemorrhoids

The body isn’t healthy if you drink alcohol. However, alcohol and hemorrhoids are inextricably linked. The body is severely dehydrated by alcohol. People with hemorrhoids are at risk because alcohol directly affects their bowel movements. It can also cause serious side effects if consumed in large quantities. Get more results from the Best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

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Hemorrhoids patients should avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a diuretic. It increases the body’s urine production, which dehydrates the body.

Is alcohol consumption linked to hemorrhoids?

Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to dehydration. This person is likely to complain of constipation, which can directly affect bowel movements. This person complains of hard stool which can cause pain and worsen piles.

Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure places additional strain on veins, which causes more strain on the pelvic and anal areas. Hemorrhoids can also be caused by liver damage from binge drinking and alcoholism.

Liver and Hemorrhoids

Liver Cirrhosis is caused by regular alcohol consumption. Hemorrhoids are more common in those with liver cirrhosis. Liver Cirrhosis is a condition that causes scarring in the liver, which prevents blood flow and free passage. Symptoms of Cirrhosis are usually not apparent until severe liver damage has occurred.

Hemorrhoids Prevention

Drinking alcohol regularly can increase heart rate, dehydrate the body, and increase the chance of hemorrhoids. To reduce the chance of hemorrhoids or piles, you should take these precautions. Take advice from the best Piles Specialist in Kolkata.

Eat lots of fiber-rich foods, including fruits and veggies. A dehydrated body can lead to hard stool.

* Sitting for long periods on a toilet chair, trying to use a stool.

Long hours of sitting on a hard surface like a chair can cause strain to the pelvic and anal veins. This causes swelling in the veins around the anal, which can lead to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids patients should avoid high-starch foods like bread, polished rice, skim milk, and polished rice. Avoid drinking alcohol at night.

Hemorrhoids symptoms

* There is blood in the stool

* Unable or unwilling to use a stool, and spends a lot of time in the toilet.

* Stomach pain during bowel movements

* Constipation

* Anal opening and pain in the anus, particularly while sitting

Are alcohol and hemorhoids compatible?

Hemorrhoids are most commonly affected by alcohol. Alcoholism can lead to hemorrhoids in some cases. Alcoholism must be controlled by those who consume it.

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