All you need to know about the importance of GIB stopping 

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When it comes to the smooth finishing of the interior walls, GiB stopping is the primary process that comes first in mind that makes the wall of houses a perfect finish. If you aren’t aware of the term Gib Stopping, then here is the answer. GIB stopping in simple terms is a plaster coating to the plasterboard so that the imperfections are concealed and the surface becomes smooth. 

Without the gib stopping your wall will not get the classy finish. This guide will tell you about the importance of Gib stopping. Gib stopping might be a bit expensive, but after the entire procedure is complete, you find that it was worth it. The silk-like texture on your walls will surely impress your guests and make them stay longer. 

Overview of Gib stopping

Gib stopping is a part of the plasterboard installation process that includes wall skimming, texture removal, and of course interior painting. With the help of Gib stopping, you can ensure a sharp and smooth finish on the walls and ceiling of your plasterboards.

Importance of Gib stopping in different places. 

There are many places at your house where gib plastering is of utmost essential. Those places are as follows


The bathroom might seem a small and a rarely used place at your home but is the most important and one of the most expensive places in your room. Your bathroom undoubtedly requires detailing to make it look glamourous. Gib stopping to Auckland would give your bathroom a classic look like the professionals of Auckland will plaster your bathroom with high-standard plaster. 

Office space

For the office spaces, gib stopping is of utmost importance as it is the most crowded place and the look matters the most. However, you need to ensure about the skills of the gib stopper and he should know the way to handle the other costly items pf the office and the fittings. 

New home

A newly constructed home undoubtedly requires gib-stopping. In the process of gib stopping, the first layer of stopping is bedded by using high adhesive plaster. Succeeding coats are laid on then producing the flattest contour. After the coating has been done, the joints shall be covered in a gib compound so that a smooth texture is produced. 

For occupied home

When you are renovating a residence, gib stopping becomes essential as the old layers must have become flaky. Before starting the plastering work make sure that the furniture, electrical equipment, and the floor are well protected. A gib-stopping work along with an excellent painting will give the occupied home a new lease of life.

Cost of Gib Stopping

If you are looking for hassle-free service of gib stopping in Auckland, which is a prime location of the country New Zealand, you first need to consider its cost. The cost of gib stopping depends on the entire area that needs to get gib stopping. The cost for a high-quality finishing ranges from $7-12 per sq. meter.

A good gib stopping ensures your home e safe. It’s like a defender whose primary functionality and purpose are preventing damage that is incurred after seepage of water in the walls of the house.

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