Amazon Return Policy

Amazon Return Policy

Hello, my friends and welcome to our another article today. I am going to discuss with all of you a very trending topic on Amazon. What is its return policy? This means in case your customer has returned your product after purchasing because he doesn’t like it then what is the policy of Amazon about this for Sellers? Do you have to pay some charges or not? That is all I am going to discuss today in this article. So let’s begin with discussing Amazon’s return policy and whether it has any charges or not?

What is Amazon’s Return Policy?

 Amazon’s return policy is that if a customer bought a product from you and he does not like it then he can return it to you within a month according to Amazon’s return policy. Sometimes it is also possible that a customer will return your product after more than a month of purchasing. Moreover, Sometimes as a seller, you may have to pay a fee to Amazon or maybe you do not have to pay it as it depends upon the Amazon return’s policy which varies from category to category. It’s also possible that sometimes your product will not be returned to your Amazon fulfillment center as after receiving it Amazon first check its conditions and if it is capable to resell then it will send it back to you otherwise Amazon will find that who cause the product’s damages and according to that, they will decide further what to do with it. It is also possible that sometimes Mazon will not take your product back from the buyer and pay him the refunds; however, it is only possible in a few categories. I hope that now all of you my friends will understand what is Amazon’s return policy so let’s get toward another important question that is will it impact your profit on Amazon?

How does it impact your earnings on Amazon?

The next most important question about it is will it impact your earnings on Amazon or not? So the answer to your question is that yes it will surely impact your profit on Amazon as if you have two to three returns in a month and you’re a new amazon seller then maybe you are going into loss. So that’s why you have to handle this type of product returning customers with a sensible strategy according to Amazon’s return policy. Therefore, if they will return any of your products to you so you do not have a loss at least.


The conclusion at the end is that all of Amazon’s return policy is beneficial for both their customers and the sellers as well. All you need is to build a good strategy to face returns of your products if any. Also, they have a great effect on your income so you have to give importance to them and deal with them gently and I hope that after reading our today’s article now all of you will understand how to deal with them. So thanks for reading my friends.

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