Are Samsung’s QLED TVs Worth Buying in 2022?


Is the price of a Samsung QLED TV worth it? An extensive range of Samsung QLED TVs is available in Tunisia, with models ranging from budget-friendly to budget-busting.

When looking at names like Samsung, LG, and Sony and trying to understand technical terminologies like QLED, OLED, and HDR, anyone buying a TV will get a touch of jargon fatigue.

What is QLED?

First, let’s clear up a frequent misunderstanding. The terms QLED and OLED do not refer to the same thing, although they refer to two competing TV display technologies.

To improve the color and brightness of ordinary LCD TVs, Samsung’s QLED TVs use a technology called quantum dots. Quantum dot and LED lighting are referred to as QLED.

Quantum dots are nanoscale crystals that glow with their light in response to light. To improve the TV’s brightness and color output, a layer of these quantum dots is added to the sandwiched stack that makes up an LCD, fitting between the backlight and the LCD panel.

Every Samsung TV with the QLED name uses quantum dots to deliver considerably more excellent picture quality than an LCD panel alone could; however, QLED TVs are essentially regular LCD TVs with quantum dot enhancement to achieve better performance than a standard LCD TV alone.

What to like about Samsung TVs?

When choosing between Samsung and any other smart TV manufacturer on the market, there are three main reasons to go with Samsung.

To begin with, Samsung’s QLED technology offers some of the best color and brightness performance of any LCD TV. Even though QLED technology has spread to other manufacturers, with quantum dot technology appearing on TVs from TCL, Vizio, and Hisense, Samsung remains the market leader for QLED products.

Samsung’s dominance in QLED technology is well-deserved, and Samsung’s QLED TVs are the greatest alternatives to more expensive OLED TVs on the market. While OLED offers superior performance in many areas, such as pixel-perfect lighting management and perfect blacks, the technology is still costly. Samsung’s advancements have significantly reduced the gap in recent years. It’s also worth noting that, in most cases, quantum-dot enhanced LCD panels outperform OLED in terms of overall brightness and color richness.

The Tizen smart TV operating system is the second major selling factor for Samsung’s QLED TVs. Samsung’s proprietary smart TV platform may have a strange name. Still, it offers one of the most refined, smart TV experiences available, from the streamlined interface to integrating smart home controls and premium features such as ambient mode. The latest Samsung TVs have also enhanced speech interaction, adding compatibility for Amazon Alexa and the ability to link to Amazon and Google smart speakers, boosting the lackluster Bixby assistant.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an 8K television, Samsung’s QLED 8K series has the most options and prices. The 8K TV has been reshuffled in Samsung’s TV portfolio, moving from being an outlier ultra-premium product to becoming one of the company’s best flagship models. While some 8K televisions still cost several thousand dollars, Samsung offers 8K televisions that will fit into homes and budgets significantly better than other manufacturers’ huge and expensive premium 8K sets.

Should you buy a Samsung QLED TV in Tunisia?

Samsung’s QLED TVs are said to focus on producing the brightest, most accurate color images possible, allowing them to function with a wide range of content in various lighting settings.

To some extent, those assertions are correct. Samsung’s latest advancements in QLED panel technology have resulted in some outstanding high-end televisions, such as the Samsung Q95T QLED from last year. And Samsung has been careful to use QLED as a synonym for high-end tech and excellent picture quality.

All of this appears to be a good living room combo, but whether you should buy a QLED TV comes down to price. A good QLED television still costs thousands of dollars, and the technology’s long-term viability may hinge on Samsung’s ability to bring the technology to more mid-sized budgets.

In general, if you’re looking for a new TV, Samsung’s QLED TVs are a fantastic choice and offer good value for money. Samsung has been improving and combining the technology with other display enhancements for years and delivers the best-in-breed even when QLED technology debuts on competitor companies’ 4K televisions.

However, keep an eye out for Samsung’s less expensive televisions. The Samsung Q70T, in particular, is a relatively affordable QLED that falls short of delivering the full benefits of QLED. It’s well worth the extra money for the Q70T; it’s not much more, but it’s significantly better.

Apart from Samsung’s low-cost Q70T, we’ve been impressed with nearly every Samsung QLED set we’ve seen and reviewed.

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