As soon as you arrive for your IVF treatment

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As soon as you arrive for your IVF treatment in Cyprus (Kıbrıs’ta tüp bebek tedavisi), our partner clinic or we will inform you about the next day’s pick-up time and the estimated time the driver will pick you up in the morning. Once you have all your questions answered and you decide you want to proceed with IVF in Cyprus, our patient representative from the linked clinics will send you an email with a medical record form to provide the required details.

At this level, you must pay a € 200 / US $ 250 deposit to our partner clinics to ensure your IVF treatment in Cyprus. Sperm donation prices in Cyprus vary depending on the treatment at the center and range from 3000 to 4500 euros. The cost of embryo donation in Cyprus varies depending on the medical institution of the centers and ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 euros.

In addition, after the preparation of the necessary rules and protocols, the prices for surrogacy in Cyprus, together with the treatment prepared for surrogacy, range from 8,000 to 10,000 euros. The prices for surrogate mothers in Cyprus are determined based on the treatment methods, medications and dosages determined based on the couple’s test results. IVF prices in Cyprus (Kıbrıs’ta tüp bebek fiyatları) range from 2,500 to 4,000 euros depending on the number of procedures performed by the doctor and clinics in Cyprus.

One of the main benefits of the treatments offered by the IVF Center is the affordable cost due to the foreign exchange advantages and the lower cost of consumables in North Cyprus. Cyprus is very popular with people choosing treatment abroad because it offers inexpensive IVF treatments in a family setting with affordable and easy travel options. However, it is prudent to make sure that your travel insurance covers treatment costs if you are being treated in the north or south of Cyprus as they come under different jurisdictions.   

Many hospitals and clinics in Cyprus offer packages that combine vacation with treatment, accommodation, transportation and translation services if needed. Accommodation options in Cyprus include luxury hotels, resorts and villas, budget hotels and apartments.   

Country clinics employ some of the best fertility specialists in Europe and offer potential parents the opportunity to undergo IVF at a much lower cost than at home. About 90 percent of patients receiving various fertility treatments in any given year at an IVF center in North Cyprus come from overseas.

The IVF Center offers comprehensive infertility treatment for both married and single parents. In vitro fertilization with donor eggs and sperm is legal and highly regulated. Egg and sperm donation in northern and southern Cyprus is anonymous, as well as in Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Greece.

When you are in Cyprus for an IVF treatment, your doctor will decide if you need additional stimulation before egg collection. For IVF with ICSI, sperm donation and PGD, drugs are available to stimulate gender selection, which patients will purchase from a pharmacy in the country of residence. Our partner clinic will send you a prescription for the medications you need before IVF in North Cyprus.   

Our clinic is not only an in vitro fertilization clinic, but also a center for genetics and infertility research, which offers a full package of services for the treatment of infertility. To get started, request an online consultation and find out if IVF is right for you.

If you are advised to consult a fertility specialist and are concerned about high costs or long queues for fertility treatment, consider affordable IVF in Cyprus. First, it is a fairly affordable destination compared to other popular IVF treatment countries in Europe. It is a popular destination for people from all over the world and is especially popular with residents of the UK, Germany, Turkey and many Arab countries.

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