Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 200

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 200

The top mechanical keyboards not only provide you with an incredibly versatile gaming or typing experience, but they also offer promises comfort when you write or play games frequently. However, purchasing mechanical keyboards can at times be a costly activity. We present to you some of the most effective mechanical keyboards that cost less than $200.


If price isn’t an issue for you The Logitech G915 TCL is a great purchase. This gaming keyboard wireless is considered to be among the top in its class. It looks amazing, due to its slim and slim design. It’s a small 10-keyless keyboard that comes with numerous featureslike seamless connectivity, volume buttons, and 2 wireless options for connectivity.

And, most importantly, sticking to its gaming roots The Logitech G915 TCL has a variety of lighting options that can be customized.

The keys are extremely easy to make use of. To be clear, the G915 TKL utilizes GL mechanical switches. Additionally, it is possible to select from three different types of keys: Tactile and Clicky or Linear. They’re low-profile switches and, as was mentioned earlier they are comfortable and smooth to operate.

It’s a small wireless keyboard, and offers the choice of switching to Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connection. The connection is seamless and operates without delays or drop in signal as well as a lot of users have confirmed this assertion.

There are pros and negatives. It does not have macro keys that are dedicated to it. The upside is that you’ll get a battery life of around 40 hours, which is a huge benefit.


If a tenkeyless model isn’t the right choice for you The SteelSeries Apex Pro is your alternative that checks all the requirements for a high-quality mechanical keyboard. It’s also targeted at gamers. One of the best features of this keyboard is the ability to alter the keys’ travel distance according to your preferences. You must be impressed.

You can select the distance of the keys’ travel. This is an added bonus since you can pick your preferred level of comfort. To be clear, the Apex Pro includes straight OmniPoint switches.

It also has an OLED screen that is located on the keyboard, in addition to a dedicated volume wheel as well as media controls.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a top mechanical keyboard that does its job very well. It’s a great performer and comes with a programmable lighting unit, and is an impressive design. It also comes with an arm rest too.

It isn’t equipped in a special Macro keypads, and this could be a big problem especially for MMO players.


What does the sound of the stunning lighting system that is under your keyboard sound? It’s exciting isn’t it? Welcome for the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard. This keyboard adds 16.8 million colors for your table.

In addition, the K95 also addresses one of the weaknesses of the two previous mechanical keyboards – macro keys. The K95 has six macro keys that are conveniently located in a reachable position to the left. This isn’t all. It comes with numerous frills, including control of the volume and media buttons and a set of toggles specifically for lighting switches. If you need to switch settings in the nick of time when playing, this app allows you to do it.

The most appealing thing is the fact that macros are saved on your keyboard (8MB) This means you’ll be able to open them up regardless of when you switch your computer.

This mechanical keyboard is bundled with cherry MX Speed. If we are talking about numbers, these have an actuation range of 1.2mm. This means that a single finger is all that’s needed to activate these devices. They’re responsive and add to the experience of gaming, but the same cannot be said about typing.

However, at it’s conclusion, of these extravagant features indicate it is a fact that K95 RGB Platinum keyboard has a cost that is quite high. But on the other hand you will get the top quality, and there is a good chance the keyboard will serve many years.

Note you that iCue software will require a long time to be able to adjust to.


Another fantastic mechanical keyboard for its cost can be found in The Razer BlackWidow Elite. Razer is a household name in the field of gaming peripherals and is well-known for their top quality products including the BlackWidow Elite is no different. It’s a full-sized keyboard and what makes it stand out from others is the ability to double in as a good keyboard for work. The switches are comfortable to the touch and easy to click at the same.

BlackWidow Elite is a solid product. BlackWidow Elite is built well. The baseplate is strong and does not give even when you type quickly. Since it is one of the best (and well-known) keyboards it is possible to expect a few of the extras, like wrist rests that are magnetic as well as dedicated media keys and, of course, the cool RGB illumination with LEDs.

It is powered by Razer switches and you are able to take your choice of switches. Razer Yellow and Green. Razer Yellow and Razer Green are both generally regarded as to be good for typing, however.

The mechanical keyboard allows you to alter the lighting. You can save macros to assign them to the desired keys with the help of Synapse 3. Synapse 3 program.


The name will tell you everything. It’s the Razer Pro Type is the option to consider for a suitable mechanical keyboard suitable for work or at home. This is a complete keyboard with an appealing design. In contrast to other keyboards of its category The switches are quiet and comfortable to use. Tech Radar’s staff Tech Radar imply that the keys are an absolute pleasure to use.

It is the Razer Pro Type is a wireless keyboard that lets you join up to 3 devices. Additionally, it is possible to change between the three. If you’re searching for a safer connection, switch over to that 2.4GHz connection.

In its core, the Razer Pro comes from a gaming background. As such it is equipped with the majority of backlight lighting. The lighting, however, is not too intense, making it ideal for use in the office. If you’d like to switch it off, you can do so. off the lighting if you find it distracting.

If your home is experiencing significant interference from wireless signals there could be issues with this keyboard, as it is prone to losing connection at times.


Das Keyboard 4C TKL is a sturdy mechanical keyboard that combines all the benefits of both. It is made for those who work for long hours on keyboards. It offers a multi-faceted typing experience to your area, and will not drain your savings account.

It’s name is a hint of what it’s about it is the Das Keyboard 4C TKL is an extremely compact keyboard that removes the Numpad and makes this slim design makes it easy to adapt to small desk spaces. Furthermore the mechanical keyboard comes with an optional foot-bar on its bottom instead of standard keyboard legs. The red hue gives this keyboard a distinctive look.

Regarding looks the 4C TKL comes with a sleek design with the use of a combination of grey and black. Additionally, the bulge of the USB-passthrough makes it distinctive, if not attractive design. If you are not in the habit of using a touchscreen in the dark, typing on keyboards in the dark can be difficult in dim lighting.

This model is equipped with the Cherry MX brown mechanical key switches and they provide a pleasant and pleasant experience. It all depends on how comfortable you feel in using Brown switches.

Naturally, you’ll be missing certain features like dedicated media controls as well as macro keys that are typically associated with gaming keyboards.


Gaming keyboards that are small and compact are trending in the present, and one fresh addition to this group includes one called the Fnatic Steak 65. The keyboard is just 12.4-inches lengthwise, and can be an excellent choice for those with a small gaming space.

The key feature for this keyboard lies in its low-profile switches , which make it extremely comfortable to type on. If we’re talking about numbers it is the Fnatic SPEED switches boast the speed of actuation of 1mm, making it possible for faster and more efficient typing.

Although the Streak65 is among the slimmest keyboards, there are large gaps or distances in between each key. These gaps guarantee that you won’t accidentally hit the wrong key when typing. It’s also worth noting that this keyboard is light and weighs around 425 grams.

Additionally, it’s stunning to look at and the soft LED lighting enhances the appearance. The build quality is strong and, for the price it offers two worlds in one. It can be used for gaming while at the same time, when you’re not playing, you can change it into your normal keyboard.

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