Best Ways to Deal with Sports Injuries

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Playing sports not only keeps us physically fit but also plays a great role in mental ability by making our minds work more efficiently. So if you are a footballer or an athlete or even just a player who plays occasionally then you must have faced a sports injury at some point. So today we will discuss some best ways to deal with sports injuries but before discussing them we will first know what is a sports injury.

Sports injuries are injuries that occur when engaging in any sports or exercise. Bruises, strains, sprains, tears, and broken bones can result from sports injuries.

Here are some ways to deal with them:

1. Avoid touching the affected area

Breaks in the skin, like cuts, scrapes, or scratches can provide an entryway into the body for bacteria so avoid touching the affected area and if you want to touch it. Use clean gloves.

2. Physiotherapy

If you have encountered long-term injuries like shoulder Injuries, hip fractures, back and spinal injuries, head Injuries then you must join sports injury rehab. It’s a specialist treatment where you will have an exercise program that includes massage and an expert who will help strengthen the affected body part and get you out of pain and back on your feet. If you are into car driving or racing sports, and you have got an injury, then you can get the whiplash treatment to deal with it. It will help your back heal quickly and the injury and pain you’re suffering from will go away too.

3. Bandage

People have a false belief that if we keep a wound uncovered and let them leave in no air, it will help them heal faster, however, extensive research has proven this a myth. So it is very important to clean, treat and protect your wound with a good band aid so germs can not attack and the risk of infection is minimized.

4. Rest the injury

Avoid doing exercise and minimize your daily physical activity. Having crutches or a walking stick will help you out and give you support. A sling may help if you’ve injured your shoulder.

5. Apply an ice pack

Apply an ice pack to the affected area for 15-20 minutes every two to three hours. Wrap the ice pack in a towel so that it doesn’t directly touch your skin and cause an ice burn.

6. Pain killers

Painkillers, such as paracetamol, can be used to help ease the pain. You can also use ibuprofen and other pain-reducing creams to help you ease the pain and reduce swelling. whereas for kids under 16 years old you can use Aspirin.

That’s it!

We all know that healing takes time. And often healing emotional and spiritual injuries take more time so you should take some rest and should not dishearten as injuries are part of sports. Just ease off and put your feet up and follow the tips given above and get your true sportsman spirit back.  

On occasion, individuals may experience a torn or herniated disc. The nerves around the vertebrae may become inflamed or stretched out (nerve traction injury). In severe cases, the vertebrae may even be fractured or dislocated by the crash

Is it Possible to Prevent Whiplash?

Avoiding falls and injuries can prevent whiplash, but there is no technique to always prevent an injury. Car accidents and injuries are generally unexpected, which makes them difficult to prevent. Wearing a seat belt and setting the headrest in the car to the proper height can minimize the severity of potential injuries.

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