Blue World City Islamabad (UPDATED) Project Details


The Blue Word City Islamabad, modern culture in Islamabad. The improvement of the undertaking is being finished by the Blue Gathering of Organizations (BGC), and they have a Chinese firm Shan Jian Civil Designing Organization as their arranging accomplice. It is found just after Chakri Trade and near the proposed venture of Rawalpindi Ring Street, which makes it entirely available for individuals of twin towns. The Blue World City has acquired conspicuousness in the market in almost no time, and financial backers have focused on the venture. On the off chance that you are searching for a protected venture with very good quality benefit, this is quite possibly of the most ideal choice close to Capital. capital smart city islamabad

BLUE WORLD CITY ISLAMABAD (Undertaking Features)

Each particular of this undertaking makes it significantly really fascinating and alluring for the financial backers. Its area gives you a simple reach to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway. The assortment it offers, which is an extensive variety of property, general block, abroad block, condos, Awami block, and farmhouses. It is actually a task for all. The task even incorporates an inside open vehicle framework and a power plant to keep the Blue World City continuously sparkling. A terrific municipality with each fundamental office and offers luxurious life.


The assumptions are what causes individuals to have a down outlook on the lodging society projects, yet the Blue World City Islamabad offers more than whatever you expect and, surprisingly, that at a truly sensible cost. It will be a gated local area with all essential offices as water, gas, and power accessible 24 hours every week. The electric dissemination organization would be underground, which surely improves the excellence and public security of the undertaking. The entire advancement plan is being finished with meeting of the well known Chinese firm, which guarantees the worldwide standard Foundation. kingdom valley islamabad


This is an immense task, which is accompanying all central offices, offering magnificent way of life, and an ideal area. The most urgent thing about an undertaking area is its openness. Individuals request a spot that is not difficult to reach yet away from every single common unsettling influence Thus, the Blue World City has that area for you, situated at the Fundamental Chakri street, just after Chakri Trade. It is arranged where you are inside a couple of moments’ drive from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the new Islamabad Worldwide Air terminal.

Blue World City Area Guid

This area with wonderful environmental factors thus numerous attractions in the general public itself will make it perhaps of the most popular society before long.

Close by Spots and Milestones

One more beneficial thing about blue world city Islamabad is its openness. The task is new in the town, however it has previously acquired a name in the market in light of its simple reach to pretty much every spot around Rawalpindi, and Islamabad in the span of 30 minutes drive. It is in the primary Chakri Street just after Chakri exchange, which makes it a 30-minute drive from Islamabad, New Islamabad Global Air terminal, and Rawalpindi. Discussing explicit spots, it is a couple of moments drive away from M2 Cost Square Chakri, Rawalpindi Race Club, and Rawalpindi Parial Hunting Club. Saddar Rawalpindi, Safeguard Lodging Authority Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Rawat, and N-5 GT Street, all are inside a 1-hour drive from the Blue World City.


Mr. Chaudhry Saad Nazir possesses the Blue Gathering of Organizations that own and are designers of a particularly hypnotizing project. The designers have eminence Chinese firm of Shan Jian Civil Designing Organization for meeting, and that places a feeling of fulfillment in the financial backers’ psyches. The BGC itself is an eminent financial backer and engineer in the city of Lahore, and presently their all endeavors are on Blue World City to pursue this venture an ideal decision for living and effective money management.

Blue World City NOC

The main thing financial backers need to catch wind of an undertaking is its NOC. Fortunately The Blue World City Islamabad NOC has been now given by Rawalpindi Improvement Authority against the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019 for 427 Kanal of Land. The undertaking engineers are in the middle of finishing all lawful cycles for the NOC of Blue World City’s leftover part. The engineers look certain to acquire NOC for the excess part very soon, and that isn’t preventing financial backers from putting resources into Blue World City. When it gets given, these early financial backers will have their piece of cake unquestionably.

BWC Proprietor and Designers

Discussing their proprietors, Blue Gathering of Organizations is a prestigious name of the business in Lahore, and with this task, they have previously stepped in with progress in their eyes towards Islamabad. The proprietor Mr. Saad has a trap of a business that incorporates land improvement and promoting, engineering plan and administrations, development, IT support, business printing, and retail locations. The organization was laid out back in 1989 in Lahore, and from that point forward, they have been a long and made their name among the top land designers in the country. The customary development and variety in their business make them encountered in the thing they are doing, and that is one of the central matters behind financial backers’ faith in their tasks since they handle their all works without anyone else.

Past PROPERTY Undertakings BY BGC

The Blue Gathering of Organizations has a snare of business, in land improvement and showcasing, they are as of now working under two distinct names Blue Properties and Blue Palms, which are sub-parts of the Blue Block project. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore and PIA officials Workers Lodging Society are one of the famous land advancement projects by BGC.The Blue Block was at first a help for giving structural help, yet presently the undertaking has developed with land improvement and showcasing for private and business properties.


Another discussion of the twin towns in the housing market. Blue World City Islamabad with hypnotizing area, bombastic offices, lavish way of life, and that all with present day worldwide framework and security framework. It offers various properties for each sort of purchaser. An open speculation opportunity and modern lodging society around Islamabad. It is carrying essential opportunities for you to start your business in Blue World City advertisements. A total bundle on the off chance that you need to live around and the ideal second for effective money management your reserve funds.

Blue World City End-all strategy

Discussing its end-all strategy, the Blue World City engineers have marked MoUs with Shan Jian Metropolitan Designing Organization to help with planning them BWC as one of the most current innovation-based lodging social orders of Pakistan. The BWC building administrations themselves are incredibly famous, and with Chinese experts’ feedback, they will certainly make a praiseworthy lodging society. The financial backers put stock in engineers that they will capitalize on the area and region they have. The venture is for a wide range of financial backers and potential occupants since it has different blocks with various and sensible estimating outfitted with all arrangements. The undertaking has Abroad block, General Block, Premium Block, Awami minimal expense Lodging, and business speculation chances, everything being equal. The bewitching thing in the task’s all-inclusive strategy is the street organization. It has a primary lane of 120ft, a Fundamental street of 80ft, and a base road street of 40ft. The plan, design, guide, and ground breaking strategy look extremely encouraging.

Private AND Business PLOT SIZES

The business plot sizes are of two classes 05 and 08 Marla land. The venture is being worked on, and financial backers are anticipating more assortment in the business zone. In private plots, there are 05, 08, 10 Marla plots, and 01 to 02 Kanal lands in Everyday Block. In abroad block, BWC is offering 07, 10, 14 Marla plots, and 01 to 02 Kanal land. For Awami block, financial backers, the Blue world City has two assortments of 3.5 Marla plots and lofts of 3 sizes studio condos, 1 and 2 room family condos.


On the off chance that you are an abroad Pakistani and searching for some ideal lodging society that isn’t simply brimming with offices and lavish life, yet an incredible speculation opportunity and that in the span of few moments drive from Islamabad, The Blue World City Islamabad is the response to your all inquiries.

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