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A borer is an insect that can tunnel through wood structures, compromising the original integrity of the wood. Because borers prefer wood as a food source, the general first sign of their presence is tiny pin holes in timber. Other telltale signs of borer activity include the appearance of a very fine, powder-like dust, usually beneath timber structures, and tunnels (commonly referred to as ‘galleries’) in the wood.

When adult beetles lay eggs and the larvae hatch, the larvae usually go straight into the wood on which the eggs were laid and make their home there. As they mature and move toward the surface, small pin holes in the timber may appear.


Insects that are attracted to wood are known as borers. They target wooden furniture, floors, home structures, and garages, among other things. Borers can be identified by damage to wooden articles, dust, entry and exit holes, and grass deposits. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional borer pest control Melbourne company right once.


Wood borers are treated by addressing the source, migration routes, and new colonies. Fumigation of wooden goods, insecticide application, and simple home renovation cures such as ventilation are all common techniques. Because moisture attracts wood borers, make sure your wooden things are clean, dry, and well-vegetated.


Hearing a clicking sound in wooden materials, a buildup of wood dust, the presence of tunnels in wooden goods, the presence of flight holes, and holes under the carpet in flooring are all signs of a borer infestation. These signs should not be disregarded, and the area should be treated quickly by a professional borer pest controller who is familiar with borers.


Hire a skilled and professional pest controller to cure a borer pest infestation in Melbourne. DIY treatments will not properly treat borer pest infestations and will only provide temporary relief. Because moist wood is the most common cause of borer infestation, make sure your home is well ventilated and that any wooden things are free of moisture for long-term satisfaction.

Borer Control Melbourne’s Treatment Methods

Keep a few variables in mind before implementing any borer pest control Melbourne strategies. When the damage is minor and there is no significant damage from the borer attack, you do not need to take any precautions. In addition, if the infestation is severe, consider the following procedures:

Taking Care of the Spot

This is one of the most effective in-house borer pest control Melbourne strategies in Melbourne. Everything you should do is keep an eye on the humidity of the wood by providing adequate ventilation.

Surface Remediation

Follow this surface treatment whenever the infestation is limited to a few wooden boards. Any wood borer will not be able to enter the furniture as a result of this treatment.

Temperature maximum

This is a good technique for little furniture. Wrap your furniture in plastic and freeze it for two weeks. After then, take it out and cover it until it reaches room temperature. This method avoids water marks from condensing on the wood.

Repellents are a type of repellent that is used to keep animals away from

To control borer pests in buildings, disinfectant chemicals and insecticides are used. For this, combine Timber and water. Borer care is another option, a liquid that has a higher wood absorption rate and stays in place for years, avoiding borer pest infestation.


It’s both expensive and difficult. It’s possible that only a licensed pest control service Melbourne, such as borer control Melbourne, can do it. Insects are killed by disinfectant spray penetration, leaving your furniture pest-free.

Using a qualified pest control Melbourne firm to treat your property’s wood termite problem is the most effective solution. Our educated and tried professionals will provide reasonable and effective pest management solutions adapted to your needs. Treatment necessitates the preservation of any potential breeding grounds, and we will provide recommendations for appropriate precautions. When a wood borer infestation goes untreated, it can turn into a serious problem, ruining hardwood floors, doors, and furniture.

With the help of the following techniques, you can manage borer pest infestation to a degree. However, if the infestation is severe, it is always advisable to hire a professional borer pest control technician in Melbourne.

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