Brief Peep Into The Use Of Drilling Rigs

used well drilling rig

There are many diverse types of drilling rigs that you should know about so that you can use the right ones for the right tasks. The rig you select depends on the particular requirements of each drill site. 

Of course,  even if you do not want to spend a lot on the drilling rigs that are brand new, you can check out the option of used well drilling rig. Yes, you can go for the second-hand rigs to ensure that you get the right ones that too without spending through your nose. Here, has a look at some of the rigs types you should know about:

Land Based Drilling Rigs 

This land-based drilling rig is the commonest type of the rig that gets used for exploration. This is the site that is using a traditional , land-based drilling rig that is quite tinier and more efficient than that of the ones used in the past.

Slim Hole Drilling Rig 

Now, conventional drill bore could be eighteen inches in diameter; a slim hole bore may be as small as 6 inches. A slim hole well drilled to fourteen ,seven hundred sixty feet might generate one-third the sum of rock cuttings produced by a standard well. The size of the drill site can actually be as much as seventy five percent tinier, since slim hole equipment demands less space than that of conventional type of equipment. However, slim hole drilling is not really technically feasible in all types of environments.

Coiled Tubing Drill Rig 

Now, this conventional wells are drilled making use of sections of rigid pipe to create the drill string. In some instances , coiled tubing technology may actually replace the characteristic drill string with a constant length of pipe stored on a huge spool. It is the approach that has many perks , encompassing reduced drilling waste and minimalized equipment footprints, so it is mainly useful in environmentally sensitive zones. This is the technology that is best suitable to re-entering current wells, and when multiple casing wells are needless.

Jack up Drill Rigs 

These are the rigs that you can use in relatively shallow water – that is less than three hundred feet deep. A jack up rig is a kind of floating barge having the drilling structure that is ready with long support legs that can get raised or even that of lowered independently of each other. The jack up, as it is known casually, is pulled onto location with its overall legs up and the barge section floating on water. 

When at the drilling location, the legs are jacked down on the seafloor, and then simply all three legs get jacked further down. As the legs are not going to penetrate the seafloor, continued jacking down of that of the legs raises the jacking mechanism linked to the barge and drilling package, and gradually lifts the whole barge and drilling structure to a prearranged height above the water.  The point is these are the rigs that are absolutely strong, as they have to endure ocean storms and high waves. 


To sum up, you can check out second hand water well drilling rigs for sale and ensure that you have a drilling rig that works for you effectively and that too you without spending much.

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