Can Piles Be Treated Without Surgery?

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Can Piles Be Treated Without Surgery?

It is certainly possible to treat haemorrhoids or piles without surgery. But before exploring alternatives to treatment options it is important to know the problem first. The treatment plan for the problem is contingent on the stage that it is in.

The initial diagnosis and the causes of piles

Prior to all else, you must ensure you have piles of material in the first place. Because of its nature condition piles can be misinterpreted as other conditions such as anal fistulas and fissures of the anal. It is crucial to seek professional medical advice regarding your specific situation.

If you’re evaluated by a doctor the diagnosis is confirmed by examining and taking a the history. The Surgeon of Piles will then attempt to determine the cause that causes the formation of piles. Surgery isn’t required for all cases of piles.

The majority of times pimples result by a diet that has lower fibre levels and also a lack of intake of fluids and water. Foods that are low in fibre like rice can cause the straining of the bowel and hard stool. The anal canal’s wall may be damaged through straining and may cause blood vessels to expand.

Lifestyle adjustments to treat piles

Things like body weight and diet could be a factor in increasing the likelihood of developing piles. created. The condition can be avoided and treated by maintaining good health and eating a diet rich in fiber foods.

At first, your Piles Specialist in Kolkata will likely recommend lifestyle modifications that will assist you in managing your piles.

Weight loss: Both the likelihood and severity of piles could be decreased through weight loss.

Diet: There’s likely that piles occur due to straining during the bowel movements. A lot of strain usually comes from constipation. A change in your diet can assist in maintaining the regularity and softness the stool. To achieve this, you have to adopt a high-fiber diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Particularly you should consider eating the bran-based cereals for breakfast. If you’re suffering from piles of flies, your Piles doctor in Kolkata could recommend drinking more water. Also, avoid drinking caffeine.

Beyond that in addition, it is recommended to stay away from straining when taking a stool or working out. Exercise can be beneficial in cases of piles.

Home remedies

Certain home remedies can aid in relieving the minor swelling, pain, and inflammation of the piles. They include:

Consuming the right foods In addition to the fruits and vegetable, you must be eating whole grains. These foods can increase the volume of stool, and also soften it. This helps you not strain, which may worsen the signs of piles which are present. Include fibre in your diet slowly to avoid problems that are related to gas.

The topical treatment: Haemorrhoid creams or suppositories that contain hydrocortisone are a possibility to apply. The creams are readily available on the market. It is also possible to use pads that have witch hazel or numbing agents.

Warm baths: Have your anal region soaking in pure warm water for around 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this at least twice a every day.

Pain relievers: For temporary alleviate discomfort, try Aspirin, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.

Treatments such as these will help you rid yourself of the symptoms of piles within one week. If you’re not seeing any relief, visit your physician.


Your physician may recommend over-the-counter generic medications if your pimples have only mild signs. Creams, painkillers, pads and ointments may help ease the redness and swelling around the region of the anal. These treatments do not cure the problem, but they can aid in the treatment of symptoms. It is not recommended to use them for longer than one week. If you do, it could cause an enlargement of the skin.

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