Common mistakes that usually occur when applying epoxy coatings

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If you are an amateur and this is your first time applying an epoxy resin coating, then you need to check this out. Epoxy resin is one of the most expensive materials that is utilized for various purposes in the construction sector. Apart from this, you can use the epoxy resin coating on your new floor, especially hardwood or even teak, to provide it with a new glossy look so that it appears just perfect. And as this is your first time, you need to check out some of the common mistakes that most amateurs make when applying epoxy resin coating.

  • Selecting the right epoxy resin: When it comes to epoxy resin floor coating, you need to determine whether you have selected the right epoxy resin for your project at hand. Just make sure that you are purchasing the right mixture for the project and you have everything you need to get the mixture going. Keep in mind that you need to follow the directions or any instructions that are given so that the epoxy resin cures properly and along expected lines. Just know that with the right epoxy floor coating, your floors should look as good as new. But if you are still confused about the curing time and how long it is taking, here’s a tip – just use a sample mix, and see how long it takes to cure, as that should clue you in. And before you apply to the substrate, make sure that you clean it up adequately.
  • Make sure that you mix it right: One of the common mistakes that most people make when it comes to epoxy mixtures is not getting the mixture right. You would be surprised to learn how often this happens and if you are keen on avoiding this mistake, then you need to follow the instructions correctly. Do not mix it up the mixture too quickly or take too long for mixing it up as this would cause air bubbles to form. And this can mar the finish on the floor, so make sure that you take the right amount of time to mix up the mixture. More importantly, you need to mix the ingredients thoroughly so that the final mixture has a single consistency. That’s one sure-fire way to determine if the ingredients have mixed well. 
  • Get the substrate ready: Before you apply the epoxy resin to the floor, you need to apply the grit pad with a grit strength of 150. This will enable you to remove the grit as well as the underlying dust, grime from the substrate and get it ready to receive the epoxy resin coating. You must get the substrate ready so that the epoxy resin adheres to the floor perfectly.
  • Weather matters: Both hot weather and cold weather can hinder the epoxy resin’s curing process and prevent it from setting properly. If the temperature is too hot, then it can cause the epoxy resin to cure immediately and if it is too cold, then it can delay the process by a few hours. And if the temperature hits the low 40’s, you may as well forget about applying a coat of epoxy resin for now.

These are some of the common mistakes that you are bound to make as you apply the epoxy resin coating to your floor.

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