Common Mistakes To Avoid During Your Bathroom Remodel 

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, nearly everyone imagines that he is a pro. And it is but natural for most of these bathrooms to resemble a clay-doh makeover session on a hot sunny day, and that’s putting it nicely. But granted that the bathroom is a lot smaller than most rooms, that does not mean that it still does not require a bit of work when it comes to remodeling the interior fashionably. And being small in size works both ways – in other words, one tile out of place can even mar the whole look. And that’s why you need to check out the rest of this post.

● Scrimping on the budget: One of the things that you need to learn to accept early on is that bathroom renovations tend to be expensive. And the sooner you learn to accept this reality, the better. You can try to scrimp and save on big bucks by going for cheaper materials and shoddy work, and you’ll find yourself in the same position two years down the line.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Weston or any other location, you’ll find that cheap materials are neither reliable nor do they last more than a few months, at most. However, since you are already spending your hard-earned cash to remodel your bathroom, wouldn’t you rather it last longer than just a few months? So, be sensible when remodeling your bathroom, but don’t go cheap, or you will end up regretting it sooner than later.

● Plan: Since you have decided to remodel your bathroom, make sure that you do not start without a plan. Have a solid plan, and even a workable one, with a slated budget, the materials you would require, timeframe, etc. In short, make sure you have a real plan. Do note that stating out loud that you plan to remodel your bathroom does not constitute a real plan.

Sure, you can start on the fly; there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, more than a few homeowners who attempted to remodel their bathrooms on the fly learned it the hard way. For example, do you know what sort of a surface your bathroom floor is made of? What is the substrate, and how would you lay the tiles? And if you have reached this stage, then what’s the design and in what pattern? As you can see, there are a whole lot of reasons as to why you need to plan.

● Don’t plunk your toilet in the wrong place: There’s nothing to piss of a bathroom than to set the toilet in the wrong place (no pun intended, well, not really). If you are looking for ways to mess up your bathroom, then all you need to do is to set the toilet front and center within 15 inches of any vanity drawer or anything else in the bathroom. That should do the trick.

No one likes the toilet, but that’s the one thing that none of us can do without. So if you are planning to remodel your bathroom, at least consult a few experts to learn more about where and how to set up your bathroom. Of course, you can always call in a few consultants to double-check your plans and ensure you get it right the first time.

● Storage: If you intend to remodel your bathroom, use this chance to build in some much-wanted storage. Take your pick of bathrooms, and you’re likely to find that most of them lack adequate storage, for their towels to just about everything else.

And that’s why you need to utilize this opportunity to build in some storage and, in the process, make your bathroom look good for the right reasons.

These are a few bathroom remodeling disasters you need to avoid.

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