Computerized wheel alignment service


Driving is a pleasure in Dubai, where the entire infrastructure is developed to facilitate the people living in UAE.

You cannot enjoy the ride if the vehicle on the road is not smooth. A misaligned car is one primary reason for not going straight on the road. When it start pulling either side means your car need computerized wheel alignment repair service by a professional tyres shop in Dubai.

Wheel alignment problem will decrease the tires life destroy environment as it starts consuming more tyres and fuel so carbon footprint will increase in a result.

Another drawback is in the case of emergency braking vehicle will not responds properly as suspension parts face lack of 100% performance.

The best wheel alignment service provider in UAE

iTyreCare is the best tires shop with (4.8 ***** rated Google customer reviews) provides computerized wheel alignment. The workshop has one of the modern machines with expert technicians.

Additional benefit at the time of doing alignment they also examine the suspension parts like bushes control arms or shocks for free and let you know about the exact condition. This will help you to avoid hefty car repairs in the future if fixed at the same time.

Properly aligned vehicle fuel efficiency will increase give you extra savings on driving costs. It will also increase the tire’s life for many kilometers that also ensure road safety.

The standard procedure to follow

Vehicle park on alignment jack. Check all four tires’ pressure and make it standard, then install a camera system that starts reading vehicle data before alignment.

After the initial setting, read the data carefully and make new adjustments according to recommendations.

Adjustment is finished now. It’s time to try on the road during the road test. It may need a finishing touch.

This procedure required approximately one hour. If the car has another issue like some part bent or bush broken, more time is needed to fix it properly.

Computerized wheel alignment is required in the following situation.

1- If you change the tires doing it at the same time is considered best.

2- If you hit the car on the footpath while driving, then it starts pulling also needs fixing.

3- Bushes cracked due to old vehicle needs bush replacement plus computerized wheel alignment.

4- If vehicle involved in a crash leads to suspension parts replacement after proper repairing is done needs parts installed, you have to bring vehicle wheel alignment.

5- To avoid early wear and tear of tires, regular wheel alignment is necessary. It will also increase the fuel mileage of the vehicle.

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