COVID-19 Special: Tips For Sanitising Your Car Cabin

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The World Health Organisation has already listed disinfecting & cleaning high-touch surfaces are some of the best methods to defend against the COVID-19 virus. And since your vehicle falls under the purview of being a ‘high-touch surface’ (depending upon the frequency of your vehicle usage), you must take care of the same in the safest possible manner. 

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be sharing the ideal ways you can sanitize your car cabin during the ongoing outbreak of this deadly pandemic. 

Tips & Tricks For Sanitising Your Car Cabin

1. Always Start With The Vacuuming Process

According to a reputed company offering services to buy tyres online in NZ, you need to start your car sanitization process by first vacuuming the entire vehicle interiors and eliminating any heavy debris present inside the cabin. 

Ensure that you maintain proper precautions when carrying out the vacuuming process by wearing masks, gloves and goggles. In that way, you’ll reduce the chance of getting infected by any dormant virus.

2. Make Sure You Choose The Ideal Materials When Cleaning Your Car Interiors

The secondary step that you have to take as a whole is to make sure that you select the ideal materials & cleaning agents for your use case scenario. The choice of materials, as well as cleaning agents, will depend upon the type of upholstery present inside your vehicles such as cloth, leather, and faux leather. That’s why isopropyl alcohol is the safest disinfectant when it comes to most car interior material types. 

One of the other benefits of isopropyl alcohol is that it will be able to eliminate all kinds of smudges, stains, and residues while killing all the bacteria & viruses. However, do remember that using strong isopropyl alcohol can lead to serious damage to leather upholstery.

In case you don’t have isopropyl alcohol, then you can use simple warm water and household soap. 

3. Ensure To Clean All Touch Surfaces & Points

You can use a washcloth or a rag to clean all your car interiors. However, it’s advised that you use a microfibre towel because microfibre cloth doesn’t produce lint. Proceed to soak the cloth completely and thereby wring out any excess water before you decide to wipe any surface. Make sure that you keep the cleaning solution bucket outside your car so that you don’t end up with water spills, which can lead to moisture build-up.

There are multiple touchpoints inside your vehicle, apart from the steering wheel & door handles. Hence, make sure you cover all the touch surfaces while cleaning, such as the glove box, cupholders, seatbelts and so on. 

Additional Points To Remember When Trying To Sanitise Your Car Interiors

  • Always use mild cleaning agents such as soapy water or isopropyl alcohol with light disinfectants. Try to avoid hard chemicals as much as you can, including bleaching agents. 
  • If you have leather upholstery inside your car, then proceed to use leather conditioner once you’ve sanitised the same. 
  • Never allow chemicals to linger for an extended period on your vehicle upholstery. Always use a microfibre cloth to clean the same. 
  • Proceed to clean the surfaces that you touch daily, such as the switches & buttons along with the rear-view mirrors. 
  • Always store a bottle of hand-sanitiser inside your car cabin at all times, so that you can keep the germs at bay. 

For any additional queries, be sure to contact us at any time. We’d be happy to help you out. 

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