Create Free Email without providing your Phone Number


Hey! Do you want to create a free email without providing your phone number or are you cautious regarding your privacy then this article will surely make your day?

As in this researched and thoroughly analysed article, you will learn about the best free email service providers which don’t require your phone number.

Isn’t it great and sounds fun?

We knew it, you will like it.

So, What we are waiting for let’s head to the email that doesn’t require phone number.

Emails that Doesn’t Require Phone Number.

As we mentioned, here are the Emails that don’t require a phone number or any sort of phone registration.


If you want to create an email without a phone number then you can choose the first name in our list as Protonmail offers its users free email without a phone number or place any such condition where you have to give your number in exchange for email service.

The profound attribute that attracts users to include towards Protonmail is an end to end Encryption which lets users feel safe and gives them a sense of security that the content in the mail is sealed can only be opened by the receiver and apart of it, it is a Switzerland based company so you have to care about EU or US laws.

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  • Tutanato

Tutanato is also a great alternative if we are talking about an email that doesn’t require a phone number or email without any sort of phone verification or registration.

Tutto offers its users a storage space of 1GB with its free plan and likewise, also delivers end to end encryption feature which assures users’ safety and security.

Tutonato servers are situated in Germany which is opposite to Protonmail if we talk about that.

Turtonator is also accessible through iOS and Android devices which gives it a slight edge.

  • Yandex Mail

Are you looking for a free email service provider which enables you to make an email without a phone number along with a huge storage, then there is no better option than Yandex mail.

As Yandex mail not only allows its users to create a free email without a phone number as well as offers vast storage of 10GB for absolutely free to use and if we want to know about its origins, for you information Yandex mail is a Russian internet product and email service provider company.

  • OpenMailBox

OpenmailBox is also a eat that you can consider as it offers services akin to the above-mentioned email service providers such as email that doesn’t require a phone number and if we look deep in Openmailbox, it delivers more such as free email forwarding, responsive customer support, 1 GB of storage which can be enhanced with paid versions as well as target attribute which is impressive attachment size limit of 50GB.

Also, other great characteristics of Openmailbox are that it is Ad-Free which makes it users easy to consume OpenmailBox email services.

Apart from that, we have constructed a list of honourable mentions which you can also try as they provide similar services without asking for your mobile number.

Honourable Mentions.

So, let’s take a glance at the names of the free email service providers which you can consider if you create an email without a phone number.

  • Mailinator
  • Inbox. Lv
  • Temp mail

As we said above, these are some of the honourable mentions you can also prefer and lastly, we hope that the free email service provider which doesn’t require the phone number we have listed will offer you desired outcomes and end your quest.

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