Crucial Home Maintenance Tasks To Get Over This Weekend!


The weekend is arriving soon. You will get lots of time to relax and chill after long hours at work during all these five days. But remember, there is home maintenance in the queue as well. Most of you keep your weekends booked primarily for house cleaning and other minor maintenance jobs at home (apart from running errands, stocking groceries, and so much more!). And why not? It is the best way to say “I love you” to your home, for every love needs nurturing. However, there are always some maintenance jobs that you forget each weekend and regret later. Let us talk about those jobs today.

Clear these maintenance tasks at home this weekend without fail! 

Your house is beautiful! But to make it stay beautiful and the most comfortable haven for you, you must keep it clean and tidy and well maintained. We understand that you are busy because of your work and can’t spare so much time. But since it is the weekend, you might try to get these jobs done so that your house stays as beautiful and prim as ever. Read about them below:

  • Thoroughly clean the house this weekend –You might not be able to spare even a few minutes to vacuum your home daily. But now, since it is a weekend, remove your cleaner from the storage and start clearing up the place. You might have loads of scattered items here and there (and even extra useless items in the house). Just get rid of the waste items and keep everything back to its rightful place. You can even think of washing the bathrooms properly and sanitising the entire kitchen. Then there might be your upholstery which requires deep vacuuming as well. Ensure to treat all these areas this weekend. And if it’s been a long time that you deep cleaned your house, then you should not hesitate to call the professional cleaners to carry out this task for you during the weekend.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the plants –Just like the interiors, even your garden is getting ignored during all these days of the week. Yes, you perhaps water the plants early in the morning. But we understand that mowing the grass every day is not possible. You can do so during the weekend by yourself or simply call for some professional help (professional landscapers can come to your rescue!). 
  • Clean the gutters – Whether it is raining or not, you need to clean your gutters regularly so that they don’t overflow. Because if this happens, you will find a nasty smell around your house and even water leakages on the interior and exterior wall. Avoid the situation by cleaning the gutters each weekend.
  • Call the carpenters to secure the handles and loose screws in the house –The screws, hinges, and handles of your furniture also require regular tuning. Then there might be a drawer that isn’t coming out smoothly or a cupboard door that screeches whenever you open or close it. Such minute but essential jobs require calling carpenters in Sydney from Enhance Building and Development. Their talented workmen are known to do all kinds of carpentry jobs, including making your deck or even repairing or building new furniture. They even build houses and add extensions to your home. You may schedule an appointment with them during the weekend for all your carpentry projects.

Phew! Too much to do before you put your feet up?! Well, sorry to add further to this list. You will also need to clean the appliances in your house and check their proper functioning each weekend. If you fill-up the inventory and do the laundry during the weekends, then we advise you to go over your previous stock as well so that nothing stales and spoils in your house. Yes, home maintenance during a weekend can be a tiring job. But since you are getting a sweet home in return, it is all worth the effort and time! 

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