Everything that you need to know about custom donut boxes

Custom donut boxes

Custom donut boxes are fast replacing the old-school packing boxes that were a norm not that long ago. There are reasons why the industry has embraced them, and we will explore them in detail here. We will see if the hype surrounding them is worth it and what you can do to take maximum benefits from them. So, let’s begin our journey.

What is a custom donut box?

A custom box is just the opposite of a traditional packing box. It is designed and produced keeping in view the product which, in this case, are donuts. A custom donut boxes is tailor-made for donuts and has specific utility and functional capacity to hold and store donuts.

Different types of custom donut boxes:

Since there is no limit to customization in donut boxes, it isn’t easy to categorize them under different classifications. But, still, for the sake of easy understanding, we list down some of the prevalent custom donut boxes below;

Kraft boxes:

Kraft is a form of paper sheet used to produce custom donut boxes. What is so special about this material is that it is eco-friendly and made of biodegradable elements. It is thus ideally suited to showcase edible items like donuts. It is organic and also very durable.

Carry boxes:

Carry boxes or holders come in different shapes and styles. Popular among those are O-type boxes, hexagonal boxes, boxes with trays, etc. You can also put inserts or partitions in these boxes and cover the top with lids. They not only look good and unique but carry practical benefits too.

Window cut boxes:

A window box is again very well suited for donuts. Through the window, part of the box’s contents is revealed. This window can be a straight cut or in custom shape. It all depends on how do you want to make your box look.

Donut gift boxes:

Donuts are a popular gift item, just like cakes. So, many companies are now offering premium gift boxes to facilitate buyers. They come in single pc packing to a pack of six, eight, or more donuts. There is plenty that you can do with the boxes. You can use inserts and partitions, fabrics as inner lining, or a magnetic closure mechanism for giving the boxes a distinct and posh look.

Salient features of custom donut boxes:

We shall now look at some of the significant features of custom donut boxes. So, let’s discuss them in brief.

They come in different sizes:

A donut seller caters to a large variety of customers of varying needs and requirements. Therefore, he must have every size of box available with him, from a single pc. of packing to a large pack of 6,8,10 or more donuts. For this reason, custom donut boxes are available in every size, and you can have them in any size that you want.

They are perfect for takeaways and delivery:

Donut boxes need to be solid and sturdy. It is a vital trait for every donut box. It safeguards the donuts as they move from one place to the other. People buy them as gifts, or even if they are buying for themselves, the box needs to be strong. Thankfully, custom donut boxes fit the bill in this regard perfectly.

Protection from different elements:

A donut is an edible item that you need to protect from many harmful things. It could be extreme temperatures or weather, germs, bugs, dust, etc. A donut should look fresh, tempting, and appetizing all the time, and the custom boxes help them achieve that.

They should attract buyers:

Another prominent feature of all custom donut boxes is appealing to buyers. Even if they are not looking for any donuts, they should feel like buying them, thanks to the pull of packing. It might seem a hard job to pull off, but it is worth a shot. The boxes need to be pretty presentable.

Custom donut boxes are available in several different designs and carrying styles. Gable bags, mailer boxes, drawers, sleeve packaging, family boxes, single packs, etc., are popular variations of donut boxes. You can design your box too, and who knows, it will gain currency.

They can be reused:

Recycling is the order of the day, and why should donut boxes lag behind this trend? You can use eco-friendly materials to make and use them for other purposes once all the donuts are finished.

Custom donut boxes

They use new and innovative printing features:

We are talking about those printing techniques that make your box stand out. They include different coating and finishing options. UV spot printing, etching, embossing and debossing, glossy finishing, printed lamination, gold or silver stamp foiling, etc., are among them.

To make beautiful and eye-catching custom donut boxes, you need the services of a sound box manufacturer, and Fast Custom Boxes is one such company. It believes in quality and superior craftsmanship. You will find them to be a thoroughly professional setup. They offer the most affordable price at the best terms and conditions.

Custom donut boxes are informative too:

You can print information such as donut ingredients, their nutritional value, some trivia about donuts, and other exciting bits of information. You and of course put your company’s name, brand name, logo, t. The box also serves as a promotional billboard.


That was all about custom donut boxes, salient features, and different types. We hope you will find this piece of helpful information. You have now fully comprehended the importance of custom donut boxes and would opt for them the next time you require packaging for your donuts.

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