How to make attractive custom soap boxes?

custom soap boxes

A custom soap boxes is a daily use item which almost all of use. Its wide usage has a testament to its success and indispensability. A soapbox is an integral part of every soap brand’s marketing and advertising plans. It is as important as the soap itself. This article will discuss everything about soapboxes, especially custom soap boxes, and uncover their various aspects. So, let’s begin.

Custom Vs. regular soap boxes:

We will first compare custom and plain or boxes. And establish why you should prefer the former over the latter. First, let’s define the two.

custom soap boxes
custom soap boxes

Custom box:

As the name implies, it is a bespoke box made precisely as per the client’s demands. Everything about the custom box is as per the customer’s directions, which is why it is unique and distinctive.

Regular boxes:

You buy these boxes in bulk from the market. They are plain and produced in pre-defined sizes. Usually, they come in white or brown colors.

Reasons to opt for custom soap boxes:

Here we give you some apparent advantages of custom packaging for soaps. So let’s begin.

They are available in several different shapes and sizes:

Everything about the custom soap boxes can be personalized as per the customer’s requirements. You can go for a custom design, shape, style, and size. This facility is not available for regular boxes as you have to contend with what you get.

Get the material of your choice:

Unlike regular boxes, here you can choose the material for producing custom boxes. You can select any of the following materials.
Cardboard stock: It is the most widely used material for producing boxes of any type, custom soap boxes included. It is widely available, cost-effective, and easily mouldable too.

Organic sheets: It is an eco-friendly option and would especially suit you if you produce herbal soaps. It is also known as Kraft sheet and is as robust as its synthetic counterparts.

Besides the above two, you can also make the custom soap packaging in corrugated material, primarily cardboard material but layered in a particular way for added strength and vitality.

Use custom boxes for promotion and marketing purposes:

A custom box is your best brand ambassador. Think of it in this way; it has everything you want your potential buyer to know. Your brand name, company’s name, tagline, ingredients, directions for use, unique selling points, and other similar stuff. It is silently advertising everything about your company and is not charging any money. It makes a custom box the best promoter of your products.

It spreads a positive image of your company:

A custom box is the first introduction of your company in the hands of the buyer. The buyer forms an opinion about your product’s quality and your company by looking at your box. The more high-end and premium it seems, the better the customer’s perception of your company will be. So, it is a good idea to invest in custom boxes.

How to make beautiful custom soap boxes?

Now that we have underlined the importance of custom boxes let’s discuss how we can make elegant and pretty looking custom soap boxes.

Artwork should be your focus:

In the case of soaps, you have to design artwork fabulously. We mean everything that you want to display on the box by artwork. It could be images, design patterns, logos, typography, or anything else. They will create a unique look for your brand, and they will also make it eye-catching. You can hire a graphic designer for this job if you think you cannot handle it by yourself.

Go for an attractive color scheme:

Colors are essential for a product like soap. It will appeal to the users. You can go for colors that depict the soap’s properties. For example, a beauty soap meant for ladies would look great in shades of pink. If you are putting in some special or unique ingredient in the soap, you can use its color on the box too.

Make them in different shapes and styles:

Instead of using the usual square or rectangular-shaped boxes, you can perhaps try novel shapes like oval, round, triangular, or star-shaped. Their different look will be their USPs.

Use print add-ons:

Several printing techniques can make your box stand out. They will highlight the text on the box as well as enhance its texture. They include the following;

Glossy finish
Matte finish
UV spot printing
Gold or silver or copper stamp foiling

Give the box a premium look:

If you are making some particular type of beauty soap that is also expensive, investing in its packing box makes sense. You can use high-quality material, padded or fabric-lined inserts, paper wraps, or similar techniques. The buyer should feel compelled to buy your soap or try it once.

Choose a good manufacturer:

For making attractive custom boxes, you will have to hire the services of a good manufacturer. It should have done similar work in the past that you want it done from it. Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory that believes in quality work at a very reasonable price. Its design team will be with you throughout the process. The delivery time is super-fast, and they cater to clients worldwide.


That is all about custom soap boxes, why you should opt for them, and what makes a beautiful custom box. We hope you have found this write-up to be informative and helpful. We have tried to cover all the essential aspects related to the topic. But, it is by no means final, and we may have overlooked a few, so please bear with us.

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