What you should know about custom vape cartridge boxes materials

custom vape cartridge boxes

Vape has gained popularity among youth globally. It is marketed as being less dangerous than traditional cigarettes, thus its appeal. Also, custom vape cartridge boxes is a big deal. Custom vape cartridge packaging increase the product’s attractiveness and salability. This post will examine several materials for bespoke vape cartridge packaging. We will shine a light on them and show their traits. And their advantages. We’ll also look at better ways to use the material to construct unique custom vape cartridge boxes.

Custom vape cartridge cases must haves:

The following aspects of bespoke vape cartridge packaging will be discussed.

custom vape cartridge boxes
custom vape cartridge boxes

Popular materials for bespoke vape cartridge cases include:




Corrugated sheet

Let’s summarise them.

The most common material for bespoke boxes is cardboard. It is in high demand because to its low cost, vast availability, and high quality. It is very easily moldable.

Kraft paper is a biodegradable organic substance. A distinctive appearance motivates customers. Using this item shows the audience that you care about the environment. It’s a marketing ploy that also helps the environment.

Rigid substance: It is a solid material that lasts longer than others. Whenever a company needs a solid case for a vape cartridge. If the vape package has to travel long distances or overseas, this material is appropriate. It will thoroughly protect your vaporizer and prevent any harm.

Corrugated material is constructed of laminated cardboard that is assembled differently. A wavy sheet is sandwiched between two plain cardboard sheets to add strength. The wavy sheet is sandwiched between the regular sheets and secures the product.

Custom vape boxes can also be made of plastic. Plastic is more expensive than the other alternatives, but it is also more durable. It also gives the goods a premium aspect. If you want a high-end box, plastic is an alternative.

Why do vape cartridge cases need to be strong?

All of the materials described above are strong and durable. Vaping is a delicate commodity, thus they are great for packing. It needs shock and jolt protection. Weather might also affect its performance. The cartridge has microscopic mechanical bits that need to be protected.

A safe place for vape juice Unsecured, it can leak, harm the box, and damage itself. For these reasons, you need robust materials to make boxes that can securely transport products across great distances.

How to make vape-friendly boxes:

Material safety is the first step to ensuring vape product safety. But not enough. You must do more to ensure minimal product damage. Here’s what you can do.

Use bespoke inserts to secure the goods. It snugs up the goods. This is required for vapes. Inserts further enhance the box’s beauty. It also impresses the user.

Paddings and other soft materials can be used inside the box’s lining. Make cushioned inserts. Padding is used to keep the goods as safe as possible. The soft substance can absorb shocks, keeping the product safe.

Laminating the packaging does more than simply add sheen. It also protects it. The cargo will be protected from water, heat, and other catastrophes. Lamination additionally beautifies the box. Printed laminations are now available for the bespoke box.

Making the vape box stand out:

Several add-on printing elements are now available to make a vape box distinctive and appealing. These tricks will enhance the box’s charm and typography. We list them.


Embossed text

UV spotting

Glazed or matted

Stamping gold, silver, or copper

You can combine these strategies for optimum impact.

Choosing a bespoke box maker:

Fast Custom Boxes is a dependable maker of custom vape cartridge boxes that meet all of the following specifications. It’s full of hardworking experts who know their stuff. They will provide you all the help you need. Consider it for your bespoke boxes with the lowest prices, shortest turnaround, and international delivery.


That concludes our discussion on the various materials available for bespoke vape boxes, their properties, and how to best use them. Customized packaging let you transport things safely and showcase your brand identity.

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