Dayara Bugyal: A Perfect Detailed Guide

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Dayara Bugyal is a popular trek in the Uttarkashi district tucked away in the Himalayan regions. The glowing snow of the mountain ranges merging with the skyline gives you an ethereal view from a height of 12,100 ft above the sea level. Dayara is known as a circular plot of land and Bugyal means high pastured land of the meadows. The vast expanse of snow spread like a blanket on the beautiful meadows of Dayara makes you wonder the magnificence of this trek.

The terrain of Bugyal welcomes the beginner trekkers as well with open arms and you can get a taste of some of the daunting mountain peaks such as Bandarpunch, Black peak and range of Gangotri. The trail decorated with some of the finest oak trees and dark maple woods will surely make up for an adventurous walk through the jungles.

Trek Distance: 22 km

Trek Altitude: 12,100 ft

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter

Trail Information

Day 01: Arrival

Your first day of the Dayara Bugyal trek is dedicated to reaching the base camp known as Natin, a small village on the trek of Dayara Bugyal. Dehradun will be your point of rendezvous from any major cities as it is well connected. You can get a train till Dehradun from Delhi, preferably an overnight train, and then close the remaining distance via bus or shared cab. From Dehradun, it is a 7-hour drive to reach the Natin Village covering a distance of 180 km. After reaching Natin you can check-in in your guest house or hotel and relax for the day.

Day 02: Natin to Gui

From Natin your actual trek starts and the first section is to cross the oak and pine forest to reach the campsite of Gui. The trekking trail is well marked and of easy grade with gradual ascent which takes about 4 hours to cover 3.5 km. Make sure to carry enough water as there is no water source in this stretch. After reaching Gui you can make your tent on the beautiful meadows of Dayara Bugyal. You even get a clear view of Gangotri ranges, Shrikanth peak and small villages.

Day 03: Gui to Chilapada

On the third day you need to walk a distance of 3 km in under 2 hours to reach Chilpada at an altitude of 9,800 ft. This will be your easiest day with a leisure walk out of the forest and into the clearings. Bandarpunch mountain peak will keep you company throughout your trail.

Day 04: Chilapada to Dayara

Fourth day marks the most awaited summit climb to the top at an altitude of 12,100 ft. This will be a long trekking day with a steep ascent towards the top and a trekking distance of 5 km to the top and then coming down to the campsite of Nayata at a distance of 6 km. The view from the top is no doubt soulful and mesmerizing with the giants of Himalayan peaks surrounding the Dayara Bugyal. You even get to see the Dodital range among many others.

Day 05: Nayata to Natin

Nayata is one of the beautiful campsites that Himalayan treks can boost off with beautiful views and sprawling meadows. After spending the night at this campsite, the fifth day is for retracing back to descend down. After getting back to Natin village check-in your stay and if enthusiasm permits get to know the local culture of the hill peoples.

Day 06: Departure

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to the mountains with lots of memories and head back to Dehradun to return to your hometown. You can take a bus till Dehradun which is a 10-hour drive. From Dehradun either board a train or flight depending on your convenience. If you are headed to Delhi then there are several buses available from Dehradun.

When to Visit

Dayara Bugyal trek remains operational for about 10 months around the year, monsoon being the only season when trekking through Dayara Bugyal is closed due to weather hazards and slippery trails. The winter months bring you fresh snowfall and snow-covered forest walks. The snow trail leading through the white caped mountain views looks delightful. Summer gives you a beautiful view of the Bugyal. The forests are bright green without any snow and you get to experience hot mornings and cold evenings. Spring gives you a mix of summer and winter virtues with colourful forest and residual snow. The trail is a pleasant stroll among nature. Autumn months are famous for sharp views and golden meadows.

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