Different Types Of Building Maintenance

Building Maintenances

Whether you own an apartment block or commercial property or any other property there is one thing they all have in common, they need regular maintenance and repairs. That minds finding expert repair services Gold Coast or a building maintenance service. No matter how great your property looks or how good the materials used in its build were initially, it needs regular upkeep in order to maintain not just a good look but also to keep the property in good repair so it has a good long life. It is also important because a well-maintained building is safer to use and people who use and rent it are going to expect certain standards to keep paying to use it. Here is a closer look at what building maintenance looks like.

Good building maintenance

Building maintenance Gold Coast is the routine actions taken to slow down the property’s ageing, to replace or refinish damage and to make minor repairs. There are three basic types involved, planned, corrective and emergency. When the first two are treated seriously you can avoid more of the last one which usually costs more money and can be a time-consuming problem.

1) Planned property maintenance – This is when the person in charge makes careful inspections periodically and notes down any jobs that need doing and decides on an order of importance for them, then implants a plan to get that work done. It can be simple things that most buildings see, like cleaning out the gutters, or it might be larger jobs such as replacing old roof shingles or replacing tiled flooring in the front entrance.

2) Corrective property maintenance – This is the day-to-day work performed by you or your property maintenance team to keep the property in good condition. Cleaning, yard work, replacing light bulbs, the jobs are ranged and depend on the building and what you have hired the maintenance team to do.

3) Emergency property maintenance – This is when unexpected problems come up that require an immediate or swift response and can be costly to handle. Things like a ball through a window breaking it, plumbing or electrical issues, someone’s foot going through rotten flooring, a leaking roof and so. If you have a service handling one and two, these emergency jobs are less likely to happen because someone will have noticed the rotting flooring and planned its repair, or cleaned the gutters to avoid flooding problems. While not all emergencies can be avoided, some can with good repair services Gold Coast or where you are.


Sometimes if you are not experienced yourself in building care and repair it is hard to judge whether something should be further up the list. It is also hard to find the time to carry out regular inspections or to know what to look for. That is why more property owners are using experts in building maintenance Gold Coast, so that they have the right knowledge and skills to stay on top of things and keep the property safe and meet all the legal standards you need to meet.

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