Dos and Don’ts of Snorkeling You Should Watch Out

Dos and Don'ts of Snorkeling

Water sports are often termed more daring and adventurous, as the risk is quite high. If you are not a swimmer or diver and do not even have life support with you, a little mistake can take you to the brink of death. Getting into the water is already enough of risk and challenge for aquaphobic; however, not all water sports are so dangerous, and snorkeling is the perfect example.

Snorkeling is one of the most popular water sports, which is equally favored by children and adults. The activity requires wearing the gear and moving through the water bodies without going too deep into it. Even non-swimmers can easily practice and enjoy it. The professional facilities even have expert trainers to help people who seem to struggle.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the dos and don’ts of snorkeling you should watch out for and ensure a safe and memorable experience.

Top 3 Dos of Snorkeling You Should Follow

Snorkeling is definitely one of the easiest water sports that does not require much effort and struggle, and anybody can experience it smoothly. Still, sticking to some basics can help you ensure higher engagement and entertainment from experience.

Here are some of the major dos of snorkeling you should follow to make the most of your experience.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Equipment

The first does of snorkeling is familiarizing yourself with the equipment. It includes snorkel gear with a breathing tube, fins, and a bodysuit. Breathing through the tube can be a little difficult at first; however, a little practice can ease it. Most people get Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets to enjoy snorkeling while using the equipment perfectly with the support of trainers.

2. Breathe Slowly

The next to do of snorkeling you should follow is breathing slowly. While wearing the snorkeling gear, you might feel pressured and inhale and exhale too fast. However, that will not help you in any way and will exert more pressure on your breathing. You should try to take slow and deep breaths to conserve your energy and make you feel more relaxed and less exhausted.

3. Snorkel with Friends or Family

Another important do of snorkeling you should follow for a more entertaining and memorable experience is practicing it with your friends or family or both. Exploring the aquatic life on your own is not as much appealing and enjoyable as it is with friends and family. It is the perfect opportunity to make some lifelong cherishable memories.

Top 4 Don’ts of Snorkeling You Must Abide By

Although snorkeling is not a life-threatening or dangerous sport, some mistakes on your part can negatively impact the quality of your experience. On top of that, there are some rules and etiquette you should follow to ensure a safe and sound experience.

Here are some of the major don’ts of snorkeling that you must abide by to ensure a safe and sound yet entertaining experience.

1. Don’t Disturb Marine Creatures

Not disturbing the marine creatures is the basic don’t of snorkeling that you must abide by. The activity does not involve exploring the depths of the water, and you will be staying on the top level of the water most of the time. You can encounter marine life even there but should not disturb them, as it can affect their ecosystem, natural movement, and mental health.

2. Don’t Snorkel During Rough Weather

One of the basic and most critical don’t of snorkeling you must abide by for your safety is not practicing when the water is rough. It can be more chaotic than you assume. The whole purpose of the activity is to enjoy the aquatic scenery from atop, which you won’t be able to do when there is constant and heavy rainfall disturbing the waters.

3. Don’t Take Valuables Underwater

One of the most obvious yet ignored don’t of snorkeling is not taking the valuables underwater. You might be too excited to capture the memories of the experience, aquatic life, and yourself underwater; however, taking your phone or camera with is nothing short of risk. It can slip out of your hands or attract an attack by marine species, so refrain from such practices.

4. Don’t Opt for Risky Locations

The last but most important don’t of snorkeling you must abide by is not opting for risky locations. Some people try to take the adventure to the next level by picking open water bodies for the activity, which can get dangerous due to lack of proper support. Instead, you can get Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets and experience snorkeling in the presence of professionals.

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