Dos and Don’ts when writing music

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You can find many tips on creating and writing music on the Internet, but you will never come across any advice, which is absolutely not worth doing when you create with best mixing and mastering services. We have collected together the most common “bad habits”.

Work with TV / Radio / Music on

This is tantamount to turning off the sound at the TV in a pub, when, with peripheral vision, we always stumble upon flickering pictures that are annoying. If there is a need to take a break from your work, do it normally! Don’t listen to other music – get out of the house, get some fresh air, do something else, and return to work with a fresh mind.

Constantly redo the track

If, after several rather lengthy sessions of work on a new track, it still does not sound as we would like, then you better give it up. At least for a while. No need to torture yourself and those around you, trying to squeeze out anything that looks like music. Instead, just stop wasting time and try something new. If the track is dear to your heart and you have no desire to throw it, try to answer a few questions. What exactly am I trying to get out of this composition? How should it sound? What needs to be done to make it sound the way you want it?

Turn the project into a dump

Have you lost track of the number of tracks already? And now, instead of a hit, you can hear a cacophony of sounds that no arrangement can save? This happens when people don’t know what they want from the composition. Remember, less is better! If you go back a few steps and leave only the vocal melody and harmony in the track (for example, a guitar part or some kind of pad), and it continues to sound as if it is missing something. So this is not the best idea for recording.

Create without purpose

There is nothing good about mixing beats and loops together for no specific purpose other than to kill time. Sitting down to work on a composition, you need to be in a good mood and know what you want to get from a particular stage of work.

Think you can work with any music

There is no need to grab all the opportunities to earn extra money. It is extremely difficult to mix well for a band or song that you don’t like. Use your time and your talent wisely. Only work on the music you like.

Copy someone else’s ideas candidly

There is nothing wrong with seeing how the masters did something in the studio, but there is no need to waste time on frank copying. Faster to make something of your own and unique.

Buy a new synth or plugin for inspiration

Creativity, like boredom, is a product of reason. Have you seen a writer who buys a new laptop in the hopes that it will give him unrealistic inspiration? We are not. Then why buy a huge number of plugins and / or synthesizers when you can try to work with a minimum? There will be many times more sense.

Be content with second place

The musical world is fickle and a bit absurd. You never know what will be popular and interesting tomorrow. Remember that creativity is always hard and sometimes very thankless work. Get ready for this, and only then will you reap the benefits! There are no second places in music, and in order to be heard and noticed, you will have to try very hard.

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