What are the benefits of End of line packaging automation in Pakistan?

End of line packaging automation

Because of their extensive use of End of line packaging automation techniques, the automobile sector and its suppliers are regarded as early adopters of end-of-line packaging automation. Other businesses, on the other hand, benefit from automation. Increasing the productivity and profitability of all industrial enterprises is made possible by highly automated technologies. As a result, the plastics, food, and End of line packaging automation industries are increasingly reliant on innovation to maintain or improve competitiveness. Despite the fact that these three industries are catching up to the automobile industry, they were once far behind the latter.

End-of-line cubit utilization is always improving

Robots do more than merely assist in the production of items in the manufacturing business. Moreover, they come in handy while palletizing or packaging items. Packaging serves as a manufacturer’s calling card because, after all, it is the first thing that the recipient sees before the goods. Aside from the fast return on investment, there are a number of other reasons to optimise this stage of the production process:

Those who pack by hand and palletize by hand must perform time-consuming operations with precision while moving enormous loads. This could become monotonous and perhaps dangerous to your health if done for an extended period of time.

This raises the cost of product packaging while also wasting precious labour that could be used more profitably in other areas. Robotic packaging and palletizing can save up to 40% on packaging and palletizing costs.

Because shipment timeframes are shorter, there is less time for palletizing to occur.

In order to be sent intact, products must be properly wrapped and meet all applicable criteria.

Atria, a Swedish firm, employs cobots to prepare 228 different items per hour.

Why should end-of-line processes be automated?

By automating procedures and assigning responsibilities to machines, businesses are increasingly attempting to improve the efficiency of their packing and palletizing processes. Automation has the potential to boost efficiency:

The amount of output has been increased

Robots pack properly and consistently 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including on holidays. This helps to keep things consistent.

End of line packaging automation

Employees are pleased with their jobs

Employees are relieved of physically difficult and repetitive jobs thanks to collaborative End of line packaging automation robots. Their careers as palletizers may eventually lead to machine operator positions.


The use of robots can significantly cut packaging costs: According to a study conducted by Roland Berger in 2016, the use of robots in product handling can result in cost savings of up to 40%.


Packaging robots contribute to the preservation of the environment by lowering the amount of cardboard waste generated.

In the following video, our expert Mathias Ratzenböck demonstrates the process of building, installing, and commissioning a cobot:

The combination of high utility and low cost is particularly appealing

Robots for collaboration can be programmed and operated without the need for IT experience Zebra partner in Pakistan. You simply require a modest footprint and a 360-degree working area with excellent repeat accuracy to accomplish your goals. Acquisition expenditures are typically amortised within a year of the purchase. A CFO is unconcerned about the situation:

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