Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Operating System for your Smart TV 

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Cell phones have evolved to smartphones over the years that have a full-fledged operating system of their own now. Similarly, olden boxlike TV sets also evolved into more sophisticated Smart TV sets having intelligent operating systems that connect to the Internet to give the customer an ultimate home entertainment solution. 

Some operating systems like the Firefox OS for Smart TV models are officially dead. But there are some solid OS options available in the market.So, here are some nifty tips for you to choose the suitable operating for your new Smart TV.

1. Basic Android-based TVs:

People often confuse this Smart TV OS with the latest Android TV, which we shall discuss later. This OS builds upon Android, but surprisingly they do not contain Google Apps. This OS is preferred by OEMs, as it helps cut costs by simply making Android the base for its custom skin on top of it to give a customized look.

Some brands include preinstalled video-streaming services, while others do not. Panasonic TV used Firefox OS based on Android and provided those streaming apps. You can find them in older Smart TV models. 

If you have budget constraints and want to get a big-screen Smart TV, Basic Android can be a good alternative, but ensure that the primary streaming services come preinstalled.

2. Google’s Android TV OS

Google is revolutionizing the Smart TV operating systems with its Android TV OS. User experience similar to the stock google smartphones, this Smart TV OS comes equipped with the latest and greatest Google Apps like YouTube, Play Movies, YouTube Music. 

Most well-known Smart TV brands use this operating system as their primary OS for the convenience of the Google services. Sony, TCL, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc. Panasonic has recently switched to the Android TV OS for providing a well-rounded experience on their latest Panasonic TV models.

All OEMs customize and tweak this OS to bring their own set of proprietary apps.

  • Xiaomi comes with PatchWall 
  • OnePlus TV has Oxygen Play

The only shortcoming of this Smart TV OS is that it doesn’t come with every OTT platform app preinstalled as it depends entirely on the TV manufacturer.

Why should you choose Android TV?

Among other reasons like the highest number of apps, Chromecast feature, Google Assistant, and reliability of Google Play Services, the regular system updates and security patches from Google makes your Smart TV a secure one.

This OS supports a Bluetooth-enabled game controller and is surprisingly available on low-range Smart TV models of even 10,000 INR. 

3. LG WebOS

The LG WebOS is the most celebrated Smart TV OS among cinephiles. The best part is that it comes with all the standard video streaming services and supports virtually every media codec. A key feature is the launcher bar that is apparent upon pressing the home key on the remote, granting the user access to all kinds of apps and services. 

LG ports built-in web browsers, Live TV and TV guide and recordings services. The ThinQ AI is voice control for the Smart TV OS you can use for searching content online and connecting supported devices. You can not go wrong with this OS.

4. Samsung TizenOS

Akin to WebOS, TizenOS boasts the recommendation feature that helps the users access the content directly from the home screen. It comes with command support and SmartThings support, enabling users to control smart home appliances like lights and thermostats. The built-in antivirus scanner app is an added plus for overall security.

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