Everything You Must Know About Fuel Injection Cleaning Services

If you own a vehicle, you’d know that its longevity and performance largely depend upon how well it is serviced and maintained. 

One of the critical parts of vehicle servicing is fuel injector cleaning. Its fuel injector should be cleaned for free-flowing of the fuel to facilitate a vehicle’s seamless functioning. 

Therefore, hiring an authentic fuel injector cleaner is critical, but before that, let us understand how a fuel injector works. 

How does a fuel injector function?

Your vehicle’s engine works hard to help you make ends meet. In the process, vehicles’ fuel injectors also get clogged with dirt and debris, hampering the fuel flow. 

The work of a fuel injector is to pump and pressurize the fuel using electrical energy to open the nozzle so that the fuel can be sprayed. The longer the electrical energy is injected, the longer the duration of the fuel spraying will be. Ultimately, the fuel terminates in the main cylindrical body of the injector. 

This process is essential for even and efficient fuel burning. If you keep getting your fuel injector serviced on time, you won’t have to spend a hefty amount installing a newly refurbished fuel injector. 

After knowing about the fuel injector process, you must be wondering well, what tests the injector cleaners run?

How do cleaners test the fuel injector?

Here is what they do:

1. Flow testing and cleaning

First, the cleaners diagnose the fuel flow through their special computerized equipment. The technology makes identifying and treating the injectors’ clogging, leakage, and gumming easier. Therefore, making the injector run smoothly and at par with the standards.

2. External checks and cleaning 

Next, external checks are performed. Here the cleaners use the equipment to identify any physical damage, exposed windage, and visual cracks. If no damage is found, the injector passes through for the final stage, but the injector gets replaced and discarded if any damage is found. The remaining fuel is also discarded as it can harm the newly installed fuel injector

3. The reluctant test

The final check is performed in the form of a reluctant test. The injector is placed in a computer-controlled machine that tests its working and reluctance. If it fails, it will be deemed irreparable, and you would need to buy a new injector. 

Let us delve into some of the benefits of using a fuel injector cleaning system:

  1. Proper cleaning helps keep the surface and internals clean, giving the fuel injector a long and healthy life. 
  2. Cleaning experts apply a solvent cleaner that keeps the injector clean and fresh for 20,000 KM. Moreover, you are only required to pay a nominal sum for that. 
  3. Injector cleaning protects the engine’s components against corrosion, enhances the engine’s air acceptance, and increases the compression ratio. 
  4. Regular servicing also allows you to identify and treat damages in the injector. Timely repairs will not let the damages escalate and take a toll on your pocket. 

Final Thoughts

Fuel injectors are essential components in your vehicle. They can directly impact your engine’s performance and efficiency.

If your vehicle’s mileage is dropping, the engine is making different sounds, and it is not running smoothly, a damaged injector can be one reason. Therefore, much like you get other parts of your car repaired, you must also emphasize maintaining the injector. 

Though repairing surface damage or cleaning the blockage do not cost much, you may have to pay a handsome amount if it comes down to replacing the injector. Therefore, call an authentic injector cleaner today and get it repaired. 

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