Expert DIY tips to you tile like a pro

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If you are planning to get new tiles installed in your kitchen or even the living room as well as the foyer, the smart thing to do would be to call in a tiling professional. But if you are planning to handle the whole installation on your own, so that you can cut down the expense, you need to check this out. These tips are for the lay homeowners who are planning to install tiles themselves. So do review the tips posted and you should be able to avoid disasters and tile like a pro.

  • Grout is your best friend:  When it comes to Auckland tiling, as a homeowner, you’re bound to have a few assumptions including how easy it must be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tiling is hard work and one that you’re attempting to carry out as a homeowner. So yes, you are bound to make a few mistakes as you begin the work. But just keep in mind that grout is your best friend where tile installation is concerned. Simply put, grout keeps the moisture out of the substrate and makes your tiles appear as though they were laid by a real professional. More importantly, using grout prevents the tiles from rubbing against each other, when pressure is applied and thereby prevents the tile from cracking. This is why you need to ensure that you have adequate supplies in hand, including grout, as you begin to lay out the tiles as per your design.
  • Prep the floor: This is a must, especially as you are about to lay out the tiles. You need to clear the floor of any dust and debris that may mar the final finish and ensure that you get it right. As an amateur, you are bound to have a few imperfections show up, in the final result. But the good news is that you can usually cover these up with a waterproof patching compound and one that essentially makes your floor look as good as new.
  • The layout: Make sure that you get the layout sorted right at the beginning. Tile installation is not something that you can attempt to do on the fly, but one that requires careful strategy and planning. Make sure that you have a design in mind and strategize accordingly. Just get the lines straight and at 90 degrees angle, so that the final finish is perfect, without nary a hitch or a crooked line that you would have to worry about later on. 
  • Layout the chalk lines: Before you begin the process of laying out the new tiles, use chalk to draw out the design you are opting for on the floor. Once you see the design, you should be able to confirm that the lines are indeed straight and not crooked as you may have thought. Just remember that at the end of the day, it is the final finish that matters and that can help your room to stand out. And for that, you would need straight lines and not crooked ones. 
  • Mixing the mortar: When it comes to mixing the mortar, you must get the composition right to get the perfect finish. And that means that you need to mix the mortar at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with no deviation whatsoever, especially if you are looking to tile like a pro. 

These are some of the essential pointers that you need to glance at before you can begin laying out the new tiles like a pro.

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