Exterior house painting: How to choose the right paint?

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So you have decided to go in for a completely new look for the exterior of your home. That’s great as a new coat, and a new shade can indeed make your home stand apart from the rest. But before you opt to start painting your exteriors, you may want to check out these essential tips and tricks, often used by professional painters. These should clue you in and you should be able to finish the project on your own, without any help. So check them out.

  • Weather matters: When it comes to exterior painting in Auckland, the one thing that you would have to take into consideration is the weather. For obvious reasons, you cannot paint the exterior of your home during a rainy day or a snowy one. It would make sense to paint your exterior during summer, as you can get the job done without a hitch. And of course, extreme weather with either too much sunshine or cold temperatures can take a toll on your paint. It can cause it to fade or chip off which is why a few painting companies have come up with paints designed to withstand most weather conditions. That’s something that you need to check up with, at the local paint store. Just remember to collect a few samples of your favorite paints, and test them by painting a section of your wall. And see how it looks in a few days as that should help you narrow down on your choice for exterior paints for your home.
  • Volatile organic compounds: Whether you are planning to paint the exterior or the interior of your home, you need to go for paints with low VOC levels. Such paints would not emit any harmful toxic emissions. So if you happen to have a family member with co-morbidities, it would be advisable to go for paints with low VOC levels as it also happens to be environmentally safer.
  • Pick out the theme: When it comes to exterior painting, it is not a slapdash type of job. You need to deliberate and weigh in all the pros and cons; above all, you need to pick out a theme for selecting the right color. Just keep in mind that it would be a mistake to go with either black or white, as both dirt and dust would show up immediately, on the paint. So opt for one that’s complementary to your home and at the same time, appears clean most of the time.
  • Type of paint: When it comes to deciding the color for your exterior, you need to go in for a rapid drying one for the winter season. And during peak summer, you can go in for the type of paint that’s slow to dry. The whole point is that you need to pick the paint to suit the weather and get the exterior painted. And remember, you also need to decide between latex, oil-based, cement, and emulsion paints as well. They are all available in various shades, so pick the one that suits the exterior of your home and you should be ready to get started. 

These are some of the essential tips and tricks that most professional painters use on their jobs; it only makes sense for you to check out the lot and utilize the same to complete the job.

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