Fashion tips to wear women’s dresses with good style


You want to be spectacular and dazzling at parties but you are always accompanied by the shadow of some complex and you do not know how you will get it right: very tall, very short, extra kilos … we give you some tricks to choose a dress that feels great on you.

1: Very Short

We get fed up with commenting on it, but you have to get used to the idea that it is a reality that many of the celebrities exalted to the Olympus of beauty, barely touch the meter sixty. You have the advantage that you can visually “expand” by adding volume to your look: dresses with ruffles and the back of shoulder pads can be your allies this season. Another tip: try on a fur vest. Kate Moss (the shortest top) wears them at all hours and they look great. Try to avoid long skirts and dresses and wide leg pants: they will visually shorten your figure.

2: Very high

If you are very tall and you want to hide it a bit, you have two perfect allies to divine these parties: prom dresses and dancers. And if you want to risk a little more, try on a silk jumpsuit, accompanied by rhinestone or sequin ballerinas you can have a fantastic look.

3: Kilos of more

Will it be the most common complex? The fact is that many of us would like to be a little thinner when we have to choose a party dress. If, for example, you want to wear a strapless dress, you can choose to wear a top or body underneath. Many of the most valued street styles of the year are built on the basis of overlays, so we can also extrapolate it to party looks. If you are going to wear a short skirt, try to opt for thick stockings and high heels, they stylize the silhouette a lot.

4: Too thin

Very skinny girls are lucky that almost anything looks good on them. You can opt for volumes, such as short girls, or for prints of the colours and shapes you want, which allows you to escape the classic black. Dare with a sequin top or dress.

5. Large or small chest

What were necklines created for? To enhance a large or small breast. The rule is quite simple: more generous necklines for large breasts and closed for smaller breasts. Obviously swan and boat necklines will suit A-cup girls better, and V-necklines and open necklines are ideal for C and D cups.

Tips to get your makeup right

When choosing makeup for a wedding, exactly as with the dress and accessories, it is important that you take into account a series of criteria and characteristics of the event you are going to attend. These are the most important:

  • Place and time in which it is celebrated : it may seem an irrelevant fact when choosing makeup. However, it is necessary to know to be able to get it right. Thus, this will not be the same if the wedding is outdoors and during the day, when the makeup should be more subdued, discreet and natural, while if the wedding is celebrated in a closed space or at night, we can exceed a little more . Although, always with measure.
  • Your hairstyle : it is essential to take into account what type of party hairstyle you have chosen. If you are combing your hair in a casual way, your makeup should be very light and natural. On the contrary, if your hairstyle is more sober and elegant, you should make up according to it.
  • Type of wedding : knowing the type of wedding we are going to attend is also important. For example, we can not wear too flashy makeup in a simple event.
  • Chosen dress : taking this point into account is essential. If the model that we take to the event is a plain fabric dress , we can use a slightly more daring makeup than if we opt for a printed dress , in which case it should be more discreet, so as not to saturate. We must do the same if the model includes a hat or any other striking accessory.
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