Finding the Best Criminal Lawyers Melbourne has to offer

Criminal Lawyer

Whether you are looking for a reputable Melbourne criminal lawyer for yourself or a family member there are a few things during the search you should keep in mind. A criminal lawyer can represent a person for a range of criminal offences from breaking and entering, drug possession, car theft and more. They will offer expert advice and represent you in court. Having a good lawyer can make all the difference between being found guilty or not guilty and what kind of sentencing is given.

What kind of experience do they have?

You need to consider what kind of experience they have. The best criminal lawyers Melbourne has will have a number of years because more experience makes a better lawyer! They understand all the nuances of a case like yours and they know the law backwards.

Do they have a good reputation?

As well as looking at the experience you should also check their reputation. You can investigate that a number of ways, online can get you a lot of information, you can check reviews and comments from past clients and look at their track record. When a lawyer has a good reputation it means they have proven they can be trusted with your case.

Talk to friends and family

A good way to find a professional lawyer is to ask people you know and trust. A Melbourne criminal lawyer that has done well for them will also likely do well for you. You should not only hire a lawyer because of a friendly recommendation but it is one of a few factors that is a good sign.

Get in touch with several lawyers

Sometimes people just want to talk to a lawyer and start the process but you shouldn’t rush into the choice. You should give a few lawyers a call, or have a few on your list and investigate each one to narrow down the best criminal lawyers Melbourne or Melbourne lawyer has. Check what the local bar association has to say and compare their experience, results, and fees.

Ask for references and contact them

When hiring a lawyer it helps to talk to previous clients so you can get a feel for what their experience was like. It is not just about did they win or lose the case (though that is a big factor)! It is also how were they treated, did they explain legal terms, did they feel the lawyer worked hard for them? Would they recommend them to people they know?


By following the suggestions above you can more easily find a criminal lawyer you trust, who has the right experience and who you can have confidence in. While you want to find a lawyer that you can afford this should not be the only thing you make your choice based on. Sometimes the cheaper rates are there because they do not have the experience and success rates yet that most clients want.

Bio – McNally & Gleeson Lawyers is a leading Melbourne criminal law firm. Established in 1994, and formally Michael J Gleeson & Associates, we specialise in all police and criminal matters and pride ourselves on our persevering commitment to our clients. We represent our clients in police and criminal charges from bail applications through to plea hearings, contested criminal trials and final appeals.

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