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London, the heartbeat of England. It is a centuries-old city that is a living witness of many revolutions, evolutions of mankind. The idea of fireplaces was kind of such evolutions that was truly a remarkable one. London has always been a cold-weather country so, fireplaces are quite useful with the weather. Fireplaces can be seen in almost all the houses here. To know better about The city of London and its Fireplace company London let’s get submerged into the depth.

Fireplaces in the London society:

Fireplaces have changed naturally over time because they are useful. In modern times we see very little use of fireplaces in the houses. It is true but once London without fireplaces was unimaginable. This whole idea of a fireplace comes from Roman culture. The period between the 11th and 15th centuries saw many developments in the concept of chimneys and fireplaces. Attempts were made to change the settings so that the smoke can go outside without entering the house.

According to a source, an ordinance was passed in London around the 14th century related to the fireplaces and chimneys. There it was said that the fireplaces should be made of stone or tiles instead of wood. In fact, it was a must to use non-flammable materials while building a fireplace or a chimney. Since then the city of Thames has seen many changes including the fireplaces. Now it is safe to say that fireplaces are rarely used in London today. Recently the use of room heaters has greatly reduced the use of fireplaces. Yet the use of fireplaces still can be noticed in some areas of London. In some places, it has remained as kind of a tradition, or somewhere it is a symbol of luxury. Simply, the use of fireplaces is very rare and least in today’s modern society of London.

Fireplace Companies & Services:

At the very beginning when the concept of fireplaces came, people used to build them in their homes. But as time went on, small and large companies were formed which would later help build these fireplaces. They were not the home architects at all. Their only concern was to prepare a chimney or a fireplace inside the homes. During the tremendous winter, the fireplaces were the only key of comfort for the citizens over there. So, by preparing the fireplaces in the houses, they became the saviors of those people.

There are a large number of fireplace building or servicing companies around the city of London. Some of them have been working for many years, in many generations. Some of them are newcomers. Overall, here are the names of some fireplace companies that can be claimed as the top of the best service providing companies inside London.

London chimney Linners

London chimney Linners is one of the oldest fireplace servicing and maintenance companies in the UK. They have been working in London for 4 generations, and they have never been dissatisfied with their customers. The artisans here are skilled and reliable. They know how to maintain the reputation of the company. They provide efficient services in every corner of the city of London. Almost the whole of England except the people of London gets the kind services from their experts.

In addition to the fireplace service, the company also provides other services related to this. They deliver many of the fireside accessories like stovepipes, stove bricks, gloves, stove glasses, grates, firebacks, etc. is such a company that provides door-to-door service not only inside London but in the other nearby locations. They also provide the emergency service at a minimum cost to the local people of London. They aim to provide an excellent service and a stress-free shopping experience to the customers.

Simple Sweep:

Simple Sweep is an authentic fireplace company London that is providing dedicated service to the people of London over the years. They do not only provide fireplace repair or maintenance services, they also are the parts, materials, and products sellers. The technicians provide good and expertise services on fireplaces.

Simple Sweep guys are also available for the other appliances services like room heaters, air conditioners, chimneys, kitchen appliances, etc. They provide 24 hours of emergency service and free visiting to the customers. They work in both domestic and commercial fields. These ‘Simple’ people deliver safe and perfect service to the people of London. The efforts of the owner and the hard work of the employees have made this company a successful place today.

Finesse Fireplaces:

Finesse Fireplaces is also one of the aged fireplace services and supplying companies in London. Despite facing many tough competitions and challenges, even today this company stands tall. Very few fireplace companies provide exclusive and upgraded technics in their service. This company is one of them. They use high-quality materials in the work of the fireplace. They use high-quality stones, tiles, and other products that will never be harmful to your home.

Finesse Fireplaces is such a company that has a brilliant experience of working with many well-known hotels, restaurants, and resorts all over the country. So, somewhere their expertise gets reflected in the fireplace using people. Finesse Fireplaces provides several designs of fireplaces. They have the perfect plans for the houses as well as the commercial places.


Usage of fireplaces is very ancient in London. People were very accustomed to it. But recently a decree has been passed that fireplaces are only allowed when it is used without harming the environment (The Clean Air Acts of 1956). Burning wood and coals are not allowed. Except for them, someone can use fireplaces with electricity and other permitted fuels. So, most people are now more comfortable with other appliances like room heaters as they are designed with latest technology and perfection.

Nowadays the use of fireplaces in London is very limited. However, it is not completely exhausted. And the need for service providers is not over yet. They still are providing fireplace service while maintaining environmental conditions and compatibility.

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