Five Things You Need To Know About Vape Pods Right Now

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If you’re new to vaping, then you should have an idea regarding vape pods. Vape pods are defined as the newer generation of vaping devices. They’re also known as pod systems, pod mods or pod vapes. The good thing about vape pods is that they’re very easy to maintain and utilise over time. 

Vape pods can also satisfy users who are looking to break the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes and want to move to vape. This is because when you use a vape pod, you’ll be using the DTL or Direct To Lung concept for inhaling the vapour, which is similar to smoking where the smoke from the cigarettes hits the lungs directly. 

Benefits Of Using Vape Pods

1. Easy To Use & Discreet

Before you decide to purchase Juul Pods in the UK, vape pods come with e-liquids that have a higher PG content, which means that you have to deal with less vapour and thus obtain a more subtle vaping experience. 

You cannot expect these vaping devices to create massive clouds of vapour, which means that if you need a device through which you can perform stealth vaping, there’s no better option than vape pods. 

Vape pods are becoming more popular with experienced vapers as well because of their discreteness. 

2. No Mess To Worry About

Since vape pods don’t come with a tank, the refilling process is cleaner, simpler & easier. Moreover, vape pods don’t leak. In case your vape pod uses pre-filled pods, then the process of refilling is just removing the earlier pod and inserting a new one. 

3. Highly Intuitive To Use

In case you’re unaware then you must know that vape pods tend to be very foolproof in the way they function. They will have a single button that you can click to activate/deactivate the system, or they can be draw-activated. 

By draw-activated, we mean that when you start inhaling the vapour through the mouthpiece, the system will sense the same and thus become activated. As a result, you can get the most authentic vaping experience from vape pods, which is close to smoking traditional cigarettes. 

4. Highly Portable

Since vape pods don’t leak, you can carry them in your trouser or shirt pocket, as you’d do with a traditional cigarette (especially for people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping). 

Vape pods are highly compact & portable devices to be used daily. 

5. Longevity

There’s no denying that vaping technology has enhanced massively over the last couple of years and with vape pods, you can expect it to be used for a long time before you can even think about replacing it. 

Knowing The Differences Between Open & Closed Vape Pod Systems

As of the current day & age, there are mainly two types of vape pod systems – open systems that are refillable and closed systems that are pre-filled. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences & vaping habits. 

  1. Closed Vape Pod Systems

Closed vape pod systems will come with nicotine salts e-juice that are pre-filled. Such an option is ideal for people who used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and thus want the same experience from vaping. This is because you can expect nicotine salts to provide you with an instant nicotine hit (almost like smoking). 

  1. Open Vape Pod Systems

Open vape pod kits provide you with the freedom that you can fill them with any type of vape juice you want. They’re ideally suited to be used with higher-PG liquids, which offer a stronger hit to the throat & more flavour. 

In case you like to learn more about vape pods, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you out at any moment, so that you can vape like a pro. 

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