Four reasons why you should never avoid a home inspection

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This is probably the first time for you to purchase a home and you are all excited about it. Well, that’s only normal and now, you have to accompany the home inspector during his inspection and you are more anxious than the seller. Surely, that should give you a clue: You are determined to purchase the home at any cost. It’s time for you to take a deep breath, calm down and assess the situation rationally. Think about it, a home inspector is more like a guard rail that’s anchoring you to reality. It’s essential that you find out more about your dream home and what’s wrong with it before you settle on the final purchase. Here are a few essential reasons why you should never skip a home inspection.

  • It provides you detailed information about the house: You’re all primed up to purchase your dream home, but you are keen to know if there’s anything wrong with it, right? This is your dream home and you surely want to know all the relevant information regarding the house, before you commit to it for the long haul? After all, who wants to purchase a million-dollar mansion only to find out that it is rife with structural defects, flaws in the foundation, leaking roofs, and plumbing issues, after the purchase? These questions should bother you as well, and that’s why it makes sense to go in for a home inspection in Castle Rock CO. Just make sure that any purchase agreement includes a clause that permits you to walk away from the purchase should any major flaws be discovered. And above all, hire a professional home inspector to check out the house and the property at the earliest. 
  • Lists, lists, and more lists: As surprising as it may sound, a home inspection begins with a review of lists and disclosure statements that the seller had made. You should know that nearly every state across the US requires the owner to make a complete discloser regarding their property before listing the same for sale. It’s just that a few states are more thorough regarding disclosure statements when compared to others. A home inspector needs to check these thoroughly, review all the essential details contained here and cross-check them with a complete evaluation of the property. At the least, a detailed disclosure statement should list out relevant details regarding structural flaws, black mold, pest infestation, roof leaks, and more.
  • The inspector is not your handyman: Some often mistake a home inspector to be your local friendly handyman. He is not and he certainly is not there to tear down walls and or even to remove the paving on the front yard just to check the lawn. He is there to visually inspect the home for any visual indications of flaws and if it indicates a sign of something more that needs to be tackled right away, it would get listed on the report, front and center. At the end of the day, the home inspector is there to safeguard your interests so it is in your best interests to ensure that the purchase agreement includes an agreement on the part of the seller to a home inspection, before any purchase. He certainly is not there to tear down walls but is mainly there to assess the property for any flaws.
  •  Before you hire a home inspector: It needs to be said, it is your duty to ensure that you hire the right professional to inspect the property in question. You need to vet the home inspector, find out if they are licensed and have the right qualifications, and above all, have great feedback from other customers. You need to use this as a guideline when it comes to picking out the right home inspector to assess your property.

This is why you must hire a home inspector at the earliest and make sure that you have chosen a certified professional.

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