Get Timberline Architectural Shingles for the Perfect Experience 

Timberline Architectural Shingles

With the sum of roofing materials available in the present-day market, it may be somewhat overwhelming to find the right type of or correct one for your home. In case you are searching for the right type of material for your roof repair project, then you must definitely consider  Timberline Architectural Shingles for your space.

Best performance throughout the year 

With this type of powerful roofing material, you will not really need to panic about whether or not it is a kind of ideal fit for your home. Timberline Shingles have a huge color palette that clearly appeals to any type of home designs, so you can be definite that your home may advantage quite a lot from its visual looks alone. This is the material that is even proven to be one of the toughest shingles on the market. These get designed specifically so they may hold their own during the event of rain or even that of any sort of snowstorm, that is the reason it is also a well-known choice among numerous homeowners.

Other than its superior beauty, there are also other types of perks you can advantage from when choosing to install this type of Timberline Shingles. These products are specifically designed for a brilliant performance, like that of:

High Wind Resistance 

Once properly installed with a professional roofing contractor, these are the shingles remain firmly in place. Timberline shingles make use of proper Grip™ adhesive so each and every single shingle is tightly sealed and diminishes the danger of shingle blow-off. Rather, this makes the entire shingles warranted to withstand winds equal to a hundred percent mph. This even helps Timberline shingles follow the overall AC438 standard, which actually addresses long-term sort of shingle performance.

High Confrontation to Algae 

Timberline shingles feature the Stain Guard along with Time-Release technology for a long-lasting type of protection against algae. With this technology, the shingles are definitely pervaded with small capsules packed with thousands of copper microsites. These do release 10 times more algae-killing copper than that of any sort of other roofing materials. Of course, it is something that makes it really stand out.

Similarly, once you need a professional roof repair performed on your home, don’t hesitate or stop to hire the finest roofing company in your area. The point is professionals have the expertise to perform the tasks with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. You would not find any flaws with the implementation of overall roofing.

Long-lasting and durable 

Not to forget that these types of shingles last a really long time, and warranties for such shingles range from forty to even fifty years. Also, remember that durability is one of their main ingredients and features and Ever Guard Technology, which makes them equal to fifty percent more robust against any sort of wear and tear than other types of roofing material brands.


To sum up , making the most of the right material is one thing that you can always choose to do. Time is to use the Timberline Architectural Shingles to ensure you have the perfect productivity.

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