Guide to Choose the Best Home Modifications for Elders

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Disabled persons don’t have to struggle with everyday tasks. If you are in your golden age or facing some mobility issues that make it difficult to get through the door of your own home, you can modify your home’s entrance so that getting in will be easy.

 You may also need to modify your bathroom, and this need bring you towards home modifications for elders near you. You can add stair lifts, inclined platform lifts, glide shower bars, and modulations to make your home senior-friendly.

To consider this need, you will find hundreds of home modification companies around you but choosing the right one will take some time. However, this guide will give you ease in terms of home modifications for elders and provide the tips and tricks to find the best company near you.

  • Kitchen Modifications for Seniors

The kitchen can be an overwhelming environment for those who are aging and have a limited ability to move around. Making changes to the kitchen so it is accessible yet still homey is important if you want your aging family member to stay in their home as long as possible. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are many simple ways and modifications to modify the kitchen without breaking the bank. 

Kitchen cabinet modification is one of them to make seniors’ life easy, and kitchen cabinets for wheelchair users help them to access things easily. The sliding doors of kitchen cabinets are the best alternatives for a conventional swinging door to avoid obstructions and space crunch. The height of the open shelves is another important factor in the kitchen cabinets for elderly parents, which need to be taken care of to avoid any fall or injury risks.

To install this kitchen cabinet modification in your home, you should find a reliable kitchen modification provider who offers numerous options of kitchen modulations at affordable rates.

  • Exterior Home Modifications for Elders

A house is a place where you will feel comfortable, especially for those with physical difficulties. The implementation of home modifications for disabled people is one of the important things you should do. This is closely related to the comfort and safety of disabled persons in their houses.

Before you reach an age where you will need to consider making major home modifications for seniors, you should consider making your home more accessible and secure when you feel challenges in your physical capabilities.

Here we will discuss five home modulations for elders that can heal their disability:

1.Concrete Wheelchair Ramps

Concrete wheelchair ramps provide durable, permanent access to your home. While costly and labor-intensive in some designs, concrete ramps are known for durability and low maintenance. Talk with your local contractor to determine if a concrete ramp is right for you.

 2. Stair Lifts for Seniors

If you have trouble with stairs and are considering a stairlift, there are typically two options to consider. The stairlift for seniors travels up and down along a track attached to your stairs. You can choose from many models with various features, including a powered swivel chair and fold-away arms, seat, and footrest to save space when it’s not in use.

  3. Grab Bars For Elderly

Grab bar is a necessary home modification for elders because they help reduce injuries and accidents associated with bathing for everyone. However, a grab bar is especially helpful for people who rely on assistive devices like a wheelchair or walker. It gives them balance while showering and relieves fatigue, which can be especially helpful for people in aging. 

 4. Walk-in Bathtubs for People with Low Mobility

For many individuals, the simple act of bathing or taking a shower can be a challenging experience. People with low mobility find themselves stuck in a tough spot. If your loved one is prevented by illness, injury, or disability from bathing or showering independently, it can give them complete peace of mind. 

In addition, going without a helper can lead to falls or injuries that put both you and your loved one at risk. Fortunately, walk-in tubs do away with this stressful situation and help restore your independence. Our experts install these walk-in bathtubs in your bathroom to give seniors an incredible bathing experience. 

5. Walk-in Showers for Seniors

Walk-in showers take care of the mobility needs of individuals in aging and have turned into a famous decision for remodeling baths. While a few styles may have lower lips and edges to contain water, the more advanced designs utilize diverters to help keep water splashed on the floor and out of small pooling regions, giving purchasers extra comfort.

Finding the Best Home Modification Company?

You may think that when you are in your golden age, trying to find everything that enhances accessibility would be quite difficult. However, this is not the case with finding the best home modification company. There are some considerations that you should consider before concluding.

  • Check the Affordability
  • Check online reviews
  • Check the modification ranges
  • Check the quality


We at SPN Construction Mobility assure you that you will get the best home modifications for elders. These modifications will not destroy the overall look of your home, so our experts will keep in mind the minor details while customizing these home modifications for your property. Our trained staff will guide you about everything, including the budget you set in your mind. 

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