Household cleaning myths debunked – what you need to know!

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When it comes to household cleaning, you need to know that it starts with a simple golden rule – where you would be required to maintain good hygiene at all times. This is even more essential, given the fact that it is necessary to limit the spread of coronavirus. Apart from this, we have listed some of the common myths regarding household cleaning and how they have all been debunked. Removing all the dirt and grime regularly is a must when it comes to maintaining good hygiene standards. You need to ensure that you follow strict guidelines and utilize the right tools to clean up your residence thoroughly. Just check out some of the common myths that have been debunked.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting are the same: One of the first things that you are bound to come across is this common household myth, regarding cleaning and disinfecting and how they are the same. Nope, they are not; while cleaning a surface removes the dirt and grime that may have accumulated over a period, it does not remove the germs altogether. However, disinfecting the surface should help remove all the germs from the surface since you would be utilizing powerful detergents and chemicals for that purpose. And make sure that you choose a cleaning service that knows the difference between the two, so that when it comes to selecting a cleaning service in High Point NC, you would end up choosing the right person for the project at hand.
  • Disinfectants work right away: When it comes to using disinfectant wipes, one of the common myths that you might have heard is that disinfectants work instantaneously. Nothing could be further removed from the truth. Just using a spray on the surface and wiping it instantly with a wipe is not going to kill any germ. Read the product labels carefully, it would inform you as to how long you would be required to let the disinfectant remain on the surface before you can wipe it off. This should help clue you in and you can follow the remaining instructions, and let the disinfectant stay on the surface for a while, as that should prove to be much more effective in removing the germs.
  • Merely disinfecting should do the trick: If you are one of those who believe in this particular myth, more fool you. The fact is that you need the surface clean, free of dirt and grime before you get all geared up to disinfect the surface. Importantly, dirt particulars can react with the disinfectant and the chemicals and can prevent them from working as they are supposed to. And that’s why all professional cleaners first clean the surface thoroughly, rub it dry and then move on to disinfecting it.
  • No point in using soap and water to remove Coronavirus germs: This is yet another myth that’s fairly common and one you might have come across, already. Granted that most people, feel free to include yourself, are a little anxious about Coronavirus and would like to ensure that their homes are as clean as possible. Fair enough but some often assume that utilizing just plain soap and water is not going to do much to remove the germs from the surface. That’s a mistake as even the CDC had remarked that cleaning the surfaces with soap and water is extremely effective when it comes to removing these germs.
  • High-traffic areas are the ones that require to be disinfected: This is a dumb mistake for homeowners to make. When it comes to disinfecting your household, you need to disinfect all the open surfaces and are merely not the ones that see a lot of high traffic. After all, a sick individual could have used the doorknob and tapped the glass on the aquarium. 

And as the saying goes, you should not believe in everything you come across, just review these common myths, before you ask the cleaners to come over.

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