How can contactless attendance systems help your school?

Attendance Management System

Schools are a busy place, it witnesses so many people every day, majorly including the children and the staff. For all the staff entering the college, it is very essential to mark their attendance, otherwise, their presence is not recorded. And if missed, it can lead to a straight deduction in the salary, and nobody wants that in any case. But, marking the attendance on a register now and then, can lead to the creation of a lot of chaos and paper wasting, because it cannot be used for any other purpose after that.

Have you ever wondered why recording attendance is the first and most crucial part of the school day? In educational institutions, attendance management is critical, thus when a student is tagged present, it also means he is “safe,” “sincere,” “on time,” and “conscientious.” In the conventional teaching approach, the faculty must manually take attendance before beginning the class. However, one must keep up with the times. Faculty today face a variety of challenges, including increased student length, proxy attendance, latecomers, and covering the complete syllabus in a short period of time. To avoid all of these headaches, a school-wide contactless biometric-based attendance management system is critical. This contactless Biometric Attendance System has become the need of the hour, especially at this perilous corona moment when social distancing must be maintained at all costs.

 To eliminate problems like these, we have contactless attendance systems, which record your attendance without even you need to write anything in it. It is a wonderful concept for organizations that have a lot of staff on their premises. That’s why the majority of the big organizations today have these systems already installed.

Following are some of the benefits of using a contactless attendance system:

  • A safe and secure way to take attendance: In these systems, the attendance is based on biometric information, which normally includes your fingerprints and eye scanning. Since everyone has a different fingerprint, so it becomes easy to keep every person’s individuality intact and safe. No outsider can access the personal information of someone else, because the system is hard to hack and is not everyone’s cup of tea. A touchless attendance system is preferred by everyone who has used them for a long time now, because of the security that it provides.
  • Eliminates entry of any unknown person: Only the people who are a part of the organization staff, can mark their attendance, therefore no third party or outsider can enter the organization. Fingerprints of all the existing employees are already stored in the contactless attendance system, so for the people whose fingerprint is not recognized, it gets blocked and no entry is allowed to that individual in any case. Because, to maintain the integrity of an organization, it is essential to have quality & trustworthy propel working for you.
  • Eliminate the need to have a separate person on duty: No organization would like to pay someone, just for taking attendance of people entering the organization, as it is a nonuseful expense. Rather than that, when you install a contactless attendance system, there is no need to have a special person for taking attendance. Since it is a completely automated process, the staff just needs to enter their fingerprint and mark their attendance. No special knowledge is required in any case. The operation is quite simple and easy to understand.
  • Light on the pocket: Maintaining a register for attendance can be a cumbersome and expensive task because you need to buy a new register every time it gets finished. And you can’t do anything with the paper used in it. Rather than buying a new register, opt for a contactless attendance system, which makes sure that you invest in it once and enjoy the benefits for a long period.

 So, what are you waiting for? Install a check-in system to keep a track of everyone entering your organization. 

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