How can you permanently treat fissures?

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Anal fissure refers to a tiny tear in the thin-walled tissue (moist mocosa) that lines the anus. Dr. Azhar Alam’ skilled proctologists say that fissures can develop if you have been consuming large and hard stools, which may irritate your anal opening. Anal fissures are not usually symptomatic at first, but they can lead to severe bleeding and pain during bowel movements. Experts also recommend that you experience spasms of the anal sphincter, the muscle at the end your anus), as well.

Anorectal surgeons empanelled explain that fissures can occur in any age, but are most common in infants. Treatment is required for most anal fissures. Some cases can be treated with medications, while others may require Fissure surgery in Kolkata.

These items can be included in your diet to help prevent anal fissures.

Our rectal surgeons recommend that you know the best foods for treating fissures and that you eat a balanced diet. Dr. Azhar Alam recommends the following foods to prevent anal Fissures:

  • Food high in fibre Whole grains and Nuts Fruits and vegetables rich in fibre Peas and beans (contain antioxidants), chickpeas and peanuts Wheat bran Curd, probiotics Flax seeds Flax seeds Apple, papaya and watermelon Root vegetables and broccoli
  • HOD’s doctors recommend that you avoid certain foods items because they can cause hard stool formation.
  • Junk food and spicy food Processed food items Fried food Caffeine Alcohol
  • For fissure, it is important to have a proper sleeping position
  • Our medical professionals warn that your preferred sleeping position can increase anal fissure pain, making it difficult to sleep well. When going to bed, our surgical gastroenterologists recommend wearing loose-fitting cotton pyjamas and clean cotton undergarments. HOD recommends that you sleep on your stomach in order to relieve anal fissure pain. You can also place a pillow under the hips.
  • A warm bath is recommended before you go to bed. This will help reduce pain and make it easier to fall asleep. As it can cause pressure to the anal area, and increase pain, our doctors recommend that you avoid sleeping on your stomach. You should avoid sitting for long periods of time and a sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Azhar Alam makes it easy to treat anal fissures. Contact us now!

Dr. Azhar Alam offers treatment for anal fissures

Dr. Azhar Alam (HOD), offers many advantages over other healthcare providers. Not only are you treated by top anorectal and surgical gastroenterologists in Mumbai’s super-speciality hospitals but you also get unmatched comprehensive care.

HOD surgeons will always use the most effective and advanced treatment for your anal fissures. Our team prefers laser methods to speed up recovery.

Anal fissures can be treated using laser techniques.

1. CO2 Laser Technique

It involves the use of CO2 laser local anaesthesia. Infrared emission are used to increase the blood supply to fissure area. This technique allows for greater control and better surgical concentration.

2. Internal Laser Sphincterotomy
3. High animal protein:

Laser is used to split the internal anal sphincter muscles. This reduces spasm and rest pressure.

Laser treatment for fissures with Dr. Azhar Alam: Benefits

Dr. Azhar Alam provides the most advanced laser surgery to treat anal fissures. This offers many benefits.

Simple procedure, fast recovery. No bleeding. No incision. No open wounds. Return to your normal life within 24 hours. Excellent post-surgical care

HOD offers peerless laser surgery to treat your anal fissure

Dr. Azhar Alam surgeons will consider all of your symptoms to determine the exact diagnosis and the best treatment. Dr. Azhar Alam will treat you with the best technology and the best infrastructure. For a quick recovery, our doctors have the best expertise and qualifications. Dr. Azhar Alam is available to help you if anal fissure has been bothering you.

Our experts carefully select every surgical technique offered at HOD. Laser-based minimally invasive surgery for anal fissures is our preferred method. This allows us to speed up recovery. This allows you to return to your normal life much faster. HOD does not compromise during anal fissure surgeries. The procedure has been a great success. The laser treatment method for treating anal fissures is safe, effective and simple. Our procedure is quick and painless with almost no downtime. It reduces the risk of recurrence, eliminates symptoms that can be pathological, and minimizes complications. Laser treatment does not cause damage to the anal or stenosis.

Dr. Azhar Alam makes it easy to treat anal fissures. Make an appointment today!

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